Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finals and Foliage

So it's final exam time and I'm a little stressed. Not over classes so much, I've only got two finals. I've also got an essay due tomorrow, but I have less than half a page to completion. I'm also almost finished with a hot pink malabrigo foliage...which I will finish before I resume working on my essay to continue blowing off steam.

Finals time means a few things. End of term, of course, lots of tests and cramming, no sleep...and the announcement of next schedule's semester. My advisor is a bit of a dumbass and fails at life when it comes to scheduling. Of the 8 classes I signed up for, I got into 1. And it's my elective. I am so screwed. I don't think I'm going to make him a scarf after all.

I'm also planning on studying abroad next year, but have no idea where to go. Wherever I go, only one or two classes with transfer back to Purdue, so I might as well go wherever I want. Does anyone know of an interesting place to study abroad? I'd love to hear your input...

There will be pictures soon, I promise. Happy knitting to all and have a great day.