Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hey there everybody. I've really got to get better about not disapearing like that.

A couple things going on right now. I've been accepted into a program for my business school and will be spending this summer in shanghai. I'm pretty excited about that. I think I will call it the "Summer of Silk."

Seocndly...thing with Rob (subject of last post) is complicated as hell, but seems to be going okay for right now. We're "Just Friends" but honestly, not alot had changed since we broke up. Just to prove that I have been making things is this picture of a party we went to last night. He was Quailman from Doug and I was Poison Ivy from Batman. I sewed his cape and all the leaves onto my bra....does that count?
I also sewed a suede skirt on tuesday. I do love fall fabrics. I will post pictures on here eventually, as Ravelry has no place for sewing projects. I am also getting into sewing smallish bags to carry my sock projects around in....will post pics of those soon. Let me know if you would like one...I can make one up in no time!
My mummy's 50th birthday is October 13th, and I have frogged the stole she wants at least 5 times. Why she had to have black lace is beyond me...if you mess up there's no hope of fixing it...I can't even see it! So I've thrown the yarn into the naughty yarn pile and am going to finish up a few things before I go back to it. I've done the same with an entrelac stole that was supposed to be for the same event. The yarn is Noro Sakura and I think I may make a fan and feather stole in it. I just need a couple projects that I can knit in my lectures right now...lace requires too much concentration then ultimately frogging after I decide to knit it during lectures anyway. Who knows..maybe I can pull off a miracle and finish one of them. Pictures soon.
I've also found my pattern for the panda was a free pattern that I got when I ordered Step sock yarn and then left it at home when I went to Indy for Eric's Stitch and Sip. Thank goodness I've found it, because I've bought some lovely purple trekking that will be Hedera as soon as these panda socks are done!
All for right now...more updates when I have a usable camera!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Down with men

Dammit I just got dumped again. It was the typical "it's not you, it's me" speech.

But after how many of these does it actually become you?

In the meanwhile, for the knitting content, I have finished Odessa from Magknits out of green cashmerino baby and czech glass. It turned out quite well.

I started Coachella from knitty and didn't like the way it looked on me at Fauxchella is going to be a halter top with glittery suede yarn. Should be a good time. Will probably watch it tomorrow with watching down with love movies.

I got the job teaching knitting classes at the Michaels in Lafayette. I have 2 classes lined up for October. Should be profitable, and most importantly, a good time.

As for now, I think spending some time with Ben and Jerry might help the situation a bit.