Friday, June 5, 2015

Life after TNNA

You know how you have that one event coming up and life is going to be so much easier after that...

I'm going to have so much time when this trade show is over....I'm going to have so much time once we are finished renovating the bike shop...I'll finally be able to get back to running when this class is over... oh the lies I tell myself.

I got back from TNNA in Columbus, OH on Monday night. It was a horrible, expensive bust. You spend tons of money on a booth and a hotel, you spend a couple months working on patterns to debut and yarns to show and packets for the Sampling event. And sometimes the show goes so horribly, you just don't know what to do. Except unpack. The basement is still full of suitcases and containers of yarn needing organized. This year it was so dominated by the big companies like Rowan, Berocco and Plymouth, the little companies like mine just don't have a chance.  I'll try Stitches in August.

Tall/Dark & Handsome has a grand opening of his bike shop's new location tomorrow. Which is awesome, because it will mean months of repairing an old building and making it a bike shop will be over. His parents are even coming up, which is nice, but it also means a lot of cleaning since they are allergic to cats and I have a very fluffy cat. TD/H promised to help with this...and then disappeared to the bike shop. So I've been unpacking a lot of yarn and scrubbing a house and working a full time job and I'm just over it. I'm exhausted.

So here's a few garden pictures, a quilt I finally bound, and a lace shawl for my Maid of Honor. And I'll try to get some sleep before my next post.