Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm having a grand old time here in West Laf having just finished my math final....(I'm pretty sure I passed this time!).

Since my last posting, I frogged the lotus blossom shirt, turned it into a tank top, which I didn't like either, and turned that into a scarf which will probably get frogged in a few days.

I also started a new pair of socks, hoping that the third pair is the charm to getting over SSS. So far I really like it. I need a name for them, they're made out of Bearfoot in the color ruby river...or something like that. The pattern is supposed to look like snowflakes. I thought about something like "crimson winter" but I really never want to see red snowflakes. They might end up being something along the lines of "Dorothy" "Red Ruby Sockers" "Great and Powerful Socks" or whatever else you guys come up with. I am stumped. I might just keep knitting it and hope something better hits me.

I also danced in Spring Works, the Purdue Rep. Dance Company's spring show...and all the knitting I got done backstage got frogged. But I did get an in-costume picture for you guys! (Raven and myself, wearing our imaginary monocles)

And today I am headed to RK for my post-math-final celebration in order to fill that last $10 spot on my discount card. Then I'll save up my money for a month or so and then blow the discount on something cashmere. yummy.

See you mad knitters soon! I should be home on Friday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Noro,

So not cool. Does anyone else get this with Kureyon? Seriously...they couldn't even TRY to connect it with another orange part? Even red or yellow...but BLUE? Pisses me off like none other. But not enough to give up on the lizard ridge.

On a related note, I finished my 7th lizard ridge square. The colors are really cool, but it's a little dissapointing that the purple and blue I bought it for never even made it in to the square. Oh well, they will go in the scrap square like the rest of the remaining 1/5 skiens of Kureyon. On another related note, I bought yarn for the next 3. I am such a yarn whore. One that can't hold a grudge.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This cardi is too big- I mean Happy Mother's Day!

Last night during Comedy Central's Night of too many Stars I pieced together parts of the Coconut Creme Cardi to the point that it became a Coconut Creme Vest. Sleeves are almost done. I also knitted the button band (with buttonhole that turned out the right size!) but haven't put on buttons. Why? Because the cardi to too damn big. I way underestimated how big blocking to open up the lace would make it, but you know what? That's okay. It should fit my mom. And she actually wears cardigans, unlike me. So I called her up and told her that she would be getting it and she seemed more excited about it than I ever would be about wearing a cardi.

How is it that the coolest things I make always end up going to my mother?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

hello baby! and stash

The beautiful thing about knitting lace is that...well, it's beautiful. But after knocking out the back, the front and most of the sleeves of the lace cardi I'm designing, I really wanted to knit something zen-ful. As in, plain stockinette (stolen from Samurai Knitter, my she-ro) and it was fabulous. I wanted something that could be done quickly (say during FNR and then in downtime in rehearsal this morning) and something I could sell. So I am now introducing my new style of hat, "hello baby". For those of you reading this because you're interested in the new product and not the knitting content, $12 for a hat. $13 lets you pick the ribbon color.

I also did a little stashing this week after a rough few days doing homework and sneezing constantly (flu is going around Purdue....not cool) and found the most awesome colorway of Kureyon I've ever seen. Here it is! I also ordered some more cascade quatro from RK on Wednesday and the owner called me today to tell me it was here....impressive. If you're in a pinch, that's the place to call for yarn-quick! Now I can take enough of that yarn to China to come home (ideally wear home) a new hoodie. Because it will be plain stockinette stitch AND knitted in China (probably a good chunk of it will be knitted on the way to China- that's a looooooooong flight) it will be called most appropriately, Zen. Unless you guys come up with something more creative and fitting. In fact...if you do, there will be a prize involved! So come up with something creative and win! Will post prize if anyone submits a new name.

I'm out to do some more history! (Turns out, America is quite boring) Peace and Zen knitting to all!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yarn Harlot in Indy (I hate math!)

So the yarn harlot is coming to Indy and I can't go. Do you know why? Because it's the exact day and time as my math final (like I needed another reason to hate math...seriously)
I have given my mother instructions on where she is to be at what time, picked out the shawl she is to wear (auld lang syne on Ravelry) and told her exactly what she is to tell the yarn harlot in case she actually gets to talk to her. For those of you who don't know my mother, she is basically a taller, blonder version of me who will be walking around with a bewildered and lost look on her face. Feel free to take her by the hand and put her where she is supposed to be....but be careful! She is not a knitter, so she may have no idea what you're talking about if you decide to strike up a conversation. It is very likely that she will be with her friend, Jennifer. And yes...that shawl gets around.
(And yes...I know the picture is sideways, but I can't figure out how to turn it turn your head. Sorry.)

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Carrie Bradshaw Moment

With 14 days of classes plus a week of final exams remaining, I've been trying my best to contain a multitude of feelings that don't typically belong together. I've been supressing them with knitting and watching Sex and the City reruns, resulting in one lace sleeve and Carrie Bradshaw's voice stuck in my head, trying to sort out my love life for me.

The first feeling is...disinterest? Lack of caring? As in...all I need is a D in that I'll stick to that. I've never been this...just bleh before. Combine that with feeling number 2, he kissed me and I felt feeling number 1 again. Not normal. These aren't relevant to today's posting...but there's also hatred, confusion and sadness. Not because I'll be missing Purdue, but because my dog's been sick lately. That hurts more than failing any math test or missing any guy.

I'd been waiting for the Russian to make his move since before Spring Break and on Friday night I got all dolled up and went salsa dancing and he did it. He kissed me. And nothing. He kissed me again and I faked thrill and excitement but really there was nothing. So this leads to the Carrie Bradshaw moment...has senioritis taken over my love life?

Gustavo, Salsa club DJ/Grad student is psycology says that because I've been mentally preparing to leave here for so long, anything to do with Purdue like classes and guys have completely become a non-event for me. They're just there. I hope it's not permanent. Or lesbianism. It's just a little dissapointing that as soon as I finally really truly get over Quail-man, I seem to get over men in general.

But how normal is it to lose interest in everything? Will it come back? Will I get this way in England to, or will I hit the ground hunting for the perfect man. Is Prince William currently seeing someone? Scratch that last one. I feel like there's a line between preparing myself and protecting myself, but I'm just not sure which side I'm standing on.