Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of potholders (blog contest!)

Hello there from Purdue!

I *think* that the credit transfer thing has sorted itself out. Or the head of Study Abroad needs to give that box of chocolates back. I have faith in Nancy, and I'm sure things will work out. They have to, right?

I'm about to enter into my final month as a student! Yay! Which is great, because it means I'm down to 4 Hort labs, 12 French classes, 11 Hort Classes, 11 Black Lit classes and 8 Contemporary British Fiction and Rhetoric classes. But who's counting?

Unfortunately this does mean that I've got 2 really scary Black Lit papers, 2 much scarier BritFic papers, 2 French exams, a Hort exam, and 7 lab reports due. 4 of them on the same day- next Thursday. So I probably won't be writing very much for a little while. That, and I haven't been overly creative. I'm still stuck on potholders. One could even say it's raining potholders in here. Seriously. And every time I make a pair and check it off my Christmas list, someone else demands a set of potholders. And since they are so flippin' awesome, I've decided to give a set away! Yay! It's my 200th blog post today and everyone reading has a chance to win a set!

I know- you're so excited you could pee your pants. It happens. The rules are easy. Leave a comment below. Be sure to include a way I can get a hold of you (if I know you personally, it's not a big deal, but if you're new or don't normally comment, make sure I have an email address or Ravelry username). In your comment, say something. Say something nice. Say something funny. Say something sad that happened to you at work. Say something knitting related. Say something about your dog. Actually don't say something about your dog, it's a touchy subject right now. But say something. I will randomly select a comment and you will win this super-duper set of potholders (that I haven't finished yet). I will take any comments received before noon on Thanksgiving, or November 26th for all the Brit Knitters reading. So write something and get your super-sexy set of potholders.

These could be yours. Seriously. Dreams come true. Sometimes.
**if you are deeply offended by potholders or deeply offended by my color selection and win anyway, I understand. I will find another prize to give you.Amber, my R.A., lover of plants, small children, and rainbow potholders.

But anyhoo....some potholder pictures for you. And a sneak peak at my next project in super-delicious Alpaca With A Twist Temptation. It is one sexy yarn. Seriously.And stay tuned here at knitpurldrop! The next post will be a Christmas Craft for knitters/crocheters/muggles of all skill levels, and will use up your red and green yarn scraps! Have a great day!