Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spoke too soon!

Just got back from my first date in almost a year....and got kissed! Yay! It's been a while since that too.

How did I meet him you ask? He was also in Korea on the study abroad trip. Take that, army guy. Here is myself and a few others that got sufficiantly plastered in this particular bar (he's the guy that isn't blonde and almost squished out of the picture.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dating Failure

Okay...I'll be honest. I have knitted two rows since last saturday. And I don't see myself knitting until saturday's stitch and sip. I may be the only one without destroyed knitting, as I believe I am the only one not doing any sipping....but it's all good.

Some of you may know that while studying abroad in Korea, I met a really great guy. Well, he was great for the duration of the trip. He kinda sorta dumped me on the last day (which happened to be my birthday...dick.) So we talked over the summer and things were going pretty well...and lo and behold...we're in the same sociology class. Perfect! I'd get to see him on a regular basis (which was the reason he gave me for the dismissal...we wouldn't see each other enough) and if we didn't start dating again, then we could still be friends..right?

NOT! I saw him today said hi and he completely blew me off! Up yours, army guy. I'm totally going on a date with the guy in my dance class. Even if he is gay.

Any dating advice for the love pariah? I'd love to hear your oppinions and what you guys have done in the past...that has worked out (minor detail).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photo-mania!!! is the framed Peace and Love (which I did myself for 9 dollars each...not bad). So that's the end of that! are the state fair pics I've been talking about. This year I went with my grandparents and my mummy...and I had a good time. Whenever we go with my dad, we go right past the 4-H and Women's buildings, which are the highlights of my trip! I also stopped at the spinning display and chatted with the lady about how merino is far superior to romney....but romnay is still lovely. We went to the 4-H buildings after that and looked at all the knitted stuff. My first reaction..."Are you kidding? They got a blue ribbon for THAT?" Hello....plain stockinette is nothing to get a blue ribbon over. So next year I plan on entering a baby blanket, an afghan, a sweater, and a skien of handspun. Bring on the blue ribbons. Then we saw all the animals...which were cute and sometimes smelly.
That's all for now...need to get back to studying so I can go to Mad knitters tonight!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finished with Love

So I've finally finished the "Peace and Love" set, just in time for 50% off framing at Michaels! Yay! I love finishing things AND saving money. I'm having the pair matted on burgundy and framed separately and they will hang on under the other...or next to each other...or something.
I'm still knitting hats like a banshee for Little Women (scheduled drop-off; thursday, hats to make : 2 1/2.) Also have to make the 8 promised hats for MG Tates and try to convince them to pay me wholesale. I already get screwed by thier 50% commision. I'd be willing to go 45% if it was wholesale. I much prefer getting paid in full at time of drop off. I've been screwed over before by a store who "lost" several hundred dollars in my knitted things and I was never reimbursed. Needless to say...I'd much rather go wholesale and have some security.
I'm also getting ready for holiday mart and trying to get into Mount Vernon's holiday craft sell the stuff I've made that Holiday Mart won't let me sell there. We'll see...they might be full already.
I need to get back to cramming right now...more later...including the trip to the state fair!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Peace & Socks

Hello there, I've been away for a while, haven't I? Sorry about's not every week that I teach multiple classes, take multiple classes with multiple exams, work and most importantly, MOVE back to Purdue. I did the bulk of it today, and have spent what small amount of free time I have packing for least I can have a break for a few days.
So, in my absence, I found my mojo in the strangest of places. Crochet cotton and panda cotton. This is rather amusing, as I think I may have burnt myself out on knitting by knitting dishrag cotton. And I never knit with cotton...makes my fingers feel funny. But crocheting it, with an eensy weensy hook is a much different story. In case the picture is terrible, the crocheted FO is done in a baby pink crochet cotton and it says "Peace". I will probably start "Love" tonight while ironically watching 300.

Oh, and I would like to thank my Aunt Neany for teaching me how to crochet letters and then telling me how to get them to behave.

As mentioned above, I made the first of a pair of Panda cotton socks...and I actually want to start the second one very soon! Typically, I have to take month long breaks between halves of the pair, but this one may only be a week...maybe never know.

More good, news, I sold 8 hats to Little Women in Nora...very exciting. I'm almost finished with my fifth and would love to drop them off and get paid before I head back to old Purdizzle.
That's all for today...I'm going to watch gory movies and crochet pink doilies that say "Love."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I've lost my mojo

I have lost my knitting mojo. It's terrible! With holiday mart and the keystone thing coming up, I really don't feel like knitting anything right now. I reckon I lost it shortly after the trip to Mass Ave., but I have no idea where I've left it. Maybe I did leave it Mass Ave and didn't realize it until halfway through the next hat? I even unloaded the fall season's yarn today at work..and nothing. Normally, sorting new yarn is just short of orgasmic, but nothing. I didn't even buy any. I do have Mad knitting tonight...and I should be leaving in about 5 minutes, but I have no idea what to do. I'd love to take my painting or my woodworking, but I'm just not feeling the yarn today. Not even cross stitching.

Anyone else lost thier mojos lately? Any suggestions on where to look? Maybe I just need to take a knit-break and focus on my other crafts for a few days. But tonight I'm going to mad knitters...maybe I'll find it there. Then again...theres always those darn nargles taking my knitting things...but mostly they just stick to tape measures, stitch markers and cable needles. The nargles have certainly gone overboard this time.

I'd love to hear your suggestions on where to find my mojo and what I should do about it. Have a nice day!