Friday, February 13, 2015

First quarter goals

Something that my Sunday afternoon knitting group does is the quarterly challenge: find a crafty list of challenges that you will strive to accomplish in 3 months. Historically speaking, it's been much easier said than done- at least for me. I decided to go a little more modest this time around. I pledged to finish 2 sweaters (didn't specify which), piece together the inside of portion of the quilt top I cut out Christmas Eve, repair an old pair of socks with worn out heels, finish a cross stitch project (again with the ambiguity) and lastly, not finish the quarter with more projects than I started with.

I feel like I've done well.  I finished this sweater I think I started about 5 years ago. I don't know the brand of yarn. I know it's not Manos or Malabrigo, but is single-ply merino from South America, so you's pretty much Manos. I'm not sure I would have picked the same colorway if I started this project a week ago, but it's done. It's dense. It's cozy and it will be very nice to wear to Tall/Dark & Handsome's hockey games.

It's a top-down raglan which I think I had intended to make a cardigan at some point. I changed the decreases so there weren't quite so many- I have scrawny little chicken arms and don't need a ton of fabric there. I crocheted a scalloped edge around the neck, bottom, and sleeves. I'm very pleased with my delightfully simple sweater.
I also finished another baby sweater for a friend. Miss Madeline made sure it didn't run off  while I was blocking it last weekend, and yesterday it got buttons. Now I just need to see my buddy to give it to her! Yarn is Cascade Jewel, handpaints. I used 2 hanks, but could have probably used a third. It just came from stash, so I wasn't going to track down a third for an inch of sleeve. Simple top-down cardigan with twisted rib.

I also finished the second baby quilt of the year, and probably one of my favorite quilted projects yet. It's for our friends who are having 2 babies this year, the first coming next month (I'm so excited!). I absolutely love this baby quilt. It was a bit of a head scratcher to follow the "guidelines" from Pinterest on it, but I think it turned out well. I bought enough fabric to make another since I really like this combo. 
I will try to get better pictures when I'm not at work during every minute of daylight and there's an actual baby to put on the quilt. I'm especially proud that all the mushrooms and polka dots go in the same direction. That is something I will try not to worry about so much for the next baby quilt. I made the back with one of my favorite fabrics that also happened to be on sale the day I needed backing- Dr. Seuss! 

I bought the rest of the bolts on these two and then a yard of a couple other Dr. Seuss fabrics. I'll try to make a couple more Dr. Seuss quilts up and have them ready for future baby showers. I just love this fabric so much! 

I'm off to work on a little cross stitching for a bit. The extra 2.5 hours a day at the office for the past 3 weeks has made me a little brain-dead and I'm not sure I can put together more sentences to blog more tonight. Good evening, good weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!