Monday, January 18, 2010

We meet again, anonymous

Dearest Paige,

Glad to see my comment made it into your blog! I am glad that you are okay and not...dead or something like that. Keep up the wonderful blogging work and just know that some of your friends will always stick around when you need them the most. Even if you don't make them a hat.

I've said too much.


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your most flattering and somewhat uplifting comment. Your support is like a sports bra, but better. My readers are the support I need to continue blogging my fiber adventures and you guys don't even need to be washed after each mini-marathon training session. And that's just awesome. But there's a problem with being anonymous, dearest anonymous. I can't make you a hat if I don't know who you are. From your writing style I would have believed you to be my friend Ben, who recently received a hat that I had started in August (I did have to frog it twice to make it fit so I believe that buys me a month of guilt-free lateness, but the remaining remaining three and a half months have no excuse.) So since your comment arrived AFTER I gave the hat to Ben, I will deduce that you, dear, sweet anonymous, are not Ben. I believe that you are also not Adam, as he was nowhere near a computer when I received this particular comment. I am also in the process of making him a hat, which he knows. He knows this because I made sure he was actively involved in the choosing of the colors as he wanted the hat to match his motorcycle. So I know that you are not Ben and you are definitely not Adam.

But who are you? Only time and/or the tracking of your IP address will tell. Should you decide to reveal your identity to me (and not my other readers) and tell me your favorite hat colors and the approximate size of your head, a hand-knit hat could be in your future. But probably not the near future, I'm just not that punctual. I can be reached at for such a revelation.


Life is starting to sort itself out now that I've openly expressed my worry and slight panic about suddenly being thrust into functional-member-of-societyhood. There are daily surprises, like credit card bills (I SPENT HOW MUCH ON GAS?!) and, teeth-shaped holes in all the plants and newspapers, wet spots in my sock yarn, and the occasional cat puke on the rug. (Madeline's hobbies include floral arrangement, floral digestion and then floral regurgitation.) But for the most part, things are good. I'm still not finding a ton of time to knit as my body is determined to catch a cold or flu or bubonic plague and I spend most of my time away from the office passed out on the couch with cats on my head. I am spinning quite a bit, and for Christmas I bought myself a small cardi's worth of Spunky Eclectic, which I have begun spinning. (South African Fine in the Orchard colorway, by the way) Wanna see? Of course you do. It's amazing.
I know. That's one sexy hank of yarn. Seriously- no skill at all to spin this stuff. Drafts like a dream and all of those yummy colors plied together can make any one's spinning look good. This is one of the first rovings I've spun where I've actually been disappointed when my 4 ounces were up. Thank goodness I bought more. I've also recently spun some of Mandie at Sheepytime's roving, which I will photograph and then plug shamelessly on my next post.

But that's all for now. I've got a kitten that needs a cuddle on the couch, so I will leave you with a few action shots from Madeline's new life as a Darling girl.


Jaclyn Bailey said...

Does this mean you might actually start using your own handspun????? ON one hand,Yeah! I hear that not much is more satisfying that making your own yarn and then making something with it.... on the down side, BOO! What will you send me the next time I win a blog contest? LOL!

Also I would just like to say that I LOVE Mandies patterns! I have made so many pairs of her longies! I love them! Her yarn and fiber is pretty, but always seems to be sold out when I have money to spend! Maybe that will change once I can actually get a wheel!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paige,

I'm not your previous Anonymous, but I thought I'd start commenting anonymously just to confuse you.



Anonymous said...

PS: You haven't made me a hat either. But I'm ok with that, I have enough hats.