Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop thinking. Just knit.

I haven't had the best week. My brother randomly came home on Friday, which meant that I did not sleep for more than an hour at a time until Monday evening. I'm one of those people that gets pretty crabby when I don't get any sleep, and it wasn't pretty. Anyhoo, Skippy likes to park in the middle of the driveway which makes it impossible to get around since his truck is huge. And in the middle of the driveway. Our driveway is kinda torturous in the best weather and since we still had a little ice hanging around this weekend I asked him to pull in to the garage so that I could get out of the driveway without hitting him.

Sunday morning I was leaving the house and his truck was naturally parked in the middle of the driveway. I tried to wake him up and get him to move it but it's probably easier to wake the dead than it is to wake Skippy- he is the world's deepest sleeper. Anyhoo, couldn't wake him, couldn't find his keys, decided to try to drive around him. And I actually made it! I had to kind of serpentine my little car around and made it halfway up the driveway, hit a patch of ice and skidded down the driveway sideways, right in to Skippy's G-D truck which I have asked him not to park there a thousand times.

Monday was sleep deprived, angry, and a Monday. And then I went home and cleaned up cat barf. Enough said.

Tuesday I got up early to go to Carmel before work and pick up my tickets for Smiley-prom because the Plain White T's are playing and it's super cheap to see them at prom. I got my ticket and was headed to work and making great time when I hit a pothole because the city of Indianapolis can't maintain their G-D roads until the potholes are big enough to swallow a small yellow hatchback, which is pretty much what happened. Flat tire on the side of Meridian. Called GM roadside assistance because even though I'm confident I can change a tire, it's free for a year so why not? I was furious since this is the second attack on my car in three days, and I just bought the darn thing in November. So instead of spewing profanities while waiting for my guy with a jack to show up, I knitted. And things were a little better. Got to work an hour and a half late, had a very productive day, decided to go to Broadripple to pick up the beads I need to finish my green silk shawl and on the way home POPPED MY SPARE TIRE ON A G-D POTHOLE! That was the point that I started to lose my cool. I pulled in a parking lot, examined the damage, got back in the car, locked the doors, and cried. After a few minutes of that and the re-application of my mascara, I called a tow truck and walked 3 blocks down to my favorite bar, ordered a very large glass of wine (I wasn't driving anywhere- why not?) and got out my sock and started knitting. I actually managed to finish the heel flap I've been avoiding for 3 weeks as well as turn it and pick up the gusset stitches before my tow truck arrived and I left with them. Naturally, I left a sock needle in the bar and won't be knitting on that sock for a while. The tow truck scratched up the front of my car loading it and I called my aunt to pick me up and take me home, where I had another glass of wine, ate a cupcake, and started a new project. I'm actually knitting with my handspun because after a day like yesterday, why the hell not? Here's my new project, which will be a gift for someone. If you know what the pattern is, here's a brownie point! Keep it to yourself though until I finish it. This is the last picture you'll see of this project for a while.
Let's's March 2nd, which means the name-that-plant contest is over. I'm growing cotton and nobody guessed that. I'll just hang on to the prize and do something for the 300th post, which is not too terribly far away. Thanks to everyone who guessed though!
So since I just got the estimate for the repairs and feel like I'm about to switch from Jekyll to Hyde, I'm going to stop thinking and just knit for a while. And things will be better tomorrow. Wanna know why? Because Spring is finally on the way (here's some photographic evidence of that part) and I am going to kill my brother and fill the potholes with his body.
Not really, but it's a pleasant enough thought for now.


Anonymous said...

honey, you really need to learn some personal responsibility. Nothing is ever your fault.

laurie said...

Cotton ---would have never guessed, but should have known:)

Paige Darling said...

I love how it's so easy to preach responsibility while hiding behind anonymity. Next time you wish to insult me, own up to it.