Friday, April 1, 2011

The end of a taunting

Remember that whole 10 shawls in 2010 madness? I'm now officially free of it- I had two shawls drag over in to the new year and finally finished the second this week. I began Clothilde in December after I decided my Annis was far too small to count as a shawl and ended up sitting it on the corner of my desk until a few weeks ago,when the taunting became more than I could bear. I could hear it whispering to me in the night "only a few more hours...just a few more rows..." and after a small road trip, a few lunchbreaks at work, a drunken knitting night and a Glee rerun, I've silenced it. And it feels darn good.The yarn is some indie-dyed merino sock yarn I picked up in Scotland a couple years ago (has it really been that long since I've been back state-side?). True to blue, it bled a lot and after 4 baths to stop it from bleeding blue all over the place, I finally blocked it. I pinned it in to place and went to bed, enjoying a night of not looking at it unfinished on my desk. I woke up to pins all over the kitchen floor and a fat gray cat curled up on the wet shawl, looking very pleased with herself (she loves to lay on wet things- her favorites are post-shower towels). I blocked it again in a cat-free room and wore it to dinner with Bam Bam that night.
All and all, I like it. It's not the vivid blue that I fell in love with but it will do.
And in other news, I have someone buying me flowers. I think I'll keep him.


Morgane said...

So happy to find your blog!!!
for one week now, each time i have one minute i come to read a piece of it.
Morgane your french babysitter a long time ago...but i remember you began young to make nice things with your 10 finger.
I have a little blog too but i don't succeed to make it grow...
Hello to all your familie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww.. How nice to hear from Morgane. I hope she and her family are well.


morgane said...

Hello "Anonymous mom" we are all very well and dream to see all of you someday.

Anonymous said...

What? No new posts for quite some time.. Tired of reading these old ones. Time to get busy..