Monday, August 6, 2012


I'm just not having any project love at the moment.  It's totally not something I should be worried about and I'm sure it's just part of the recent emotional overload that has been life for the past few weeks, but the only project that's making me happy at all is this...and it's going to be over with by Friday.
It's fabulously mismatched, but every time I see it or work on it I'm not thinking how it doesn't really "work" as a piece, but the fact that so many knitters and crochet-ers came together on super short notice to make it.  I'm hopefully going to pick up the last 3 pieces tomorrow or Wednesday, and by then it will be just about getting them in as I'll be finishing up the strips that run up and down the finished blankets, attaching them quickly and then putting on a border.  And with a little midnight oil, I'll be able to hand it over at the "life celebration" on Friday.

My project count for projects outside Amy's blanket is creeping up as I continue designing things for Good For Ewe.  I love the yarns and I love the projects, but I'm just not as excited about finishing things that will be photographed and put away for trade shows and trunk shows.

I have finished (but waiting for the photographer) a pillow and a pair of slippers and a hat designed by Cheryl Beckerich.  I think they're all pretty cool.

I have on the needles:  a baby blanket, a cardigan, a fair-isle cowl, and a hat.

I have in my brain: another cardigan, another hat, and a lace shawl.

Yikes- no wonder I'm not thrilled about finishing anything.  Because there's a thousand other projects going "my turn! my turn!"

As far as personal projects I've got:  A pair of boring socks, a boring sweater, an unbound quilt, 2 cross stitchings, a mermaid, a sock yarn blanket and Knitting Olympics pullover which is currently 1 sleeve (up to the armpit) and the first 9 inches of the body.  It might get finished for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

And the project I can't stop thinking about starting: is a plain black jacket in some super rough tweed that I got in Ireland a few years ago.  I'll have to frog it from the fugly shapeless beast it has halfway become, and I know that miles and miles of plain stockinette is going to be really boring, but I know Fall is coming, and darn it, I want a super thick black cardi that is heavy enough to count as a jacket. And that awesome Fall jacket is going to have to wait in line.

On the bright side, I have a fabulous boyfriend who nods and smiles and mutters comforting things when I mention my project funk.  And that's pretty awesome. (Forgive the awful picture of me.  It was right after a long night and a 2 hour car ride)

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