Monday, December 10, 2012

Where are my mittens?!

So firstly...there have been quite a few commenters lately- just wanted to say that you guys rock!  I get comments on my blog all the time- but 99% of the time they're in Russian or wanting to give my readers access to Louis Vuitton knock-offs and it's super awesome to get a real comment from a real person!

Secondly, I'm going to New York City and I leave on Friday!  I'm so pumped- Rob called the other day in the middle of the work day which normally isn't a good thing.  So I answered and good news- he has to be in New York next week for work do I want to come?  At first I said no- I can't really afford the airline ticket right now, much less anything else.  But then I thought- how perfect would it be to stay in New York with my hotel paid for and run around to yarn shops and pimp Good For Ewe? This is a really amazing opportunity- a little shore notice though.  There's lots of shops, I'm sure I can meet with a couple of them.  And then when Rob is out of meetings for the day we can hang out in NYC. So yeah- I'm in! It means that I'm definitely done Christmas shopping- which I think I was anyway (sweet!) and I'm going to be eaten Ramen noodles for a while once I get back, but I'm going to NYC the week before Christmas with my dude and it's going to be AWESOME!

Naturally, the first priority was trip knitting.  I scooted over to Ravelry and checked my queue for some fabulous lacy sock pattern and started feeling a little guilty.  I've got mittens that (apart from the magazine and cable needle they require) would be great travel knitting.  I've still got 2 more doilies to make (and 1 to finish) before Christmas, a hat for my web designer girl, and of course- 2 pairs of socks already on the needles. Okay, maybe I won't start a new project.  If I'm going to be running around in NYC, how much time am I going to have to knit anyway? Oh yeah- 2 flights and a layover EACH way, subway getting around to the different shops, long taxi rides?  Long lines at the store?  I don't know.  Traveling without knitting just isn't going to happen. So, doilies on the plane that stay in the room and then traveling socks- perfect!  But those mittens...
Need to be done before I go!  It's freezing there and I'd be a complete idiot to go without mittens! So this week's knitting will be devoted to finishing the second mitten (54 very cabley rows left) and putting in the 2 thumbs.  What a nice little fire under my butt to get them done!
Good thing I finished my super awesome orange sweater this week- I'm sure it would like to go!  (The term "finished" is used loosely- it still needs ends woven in and a blocking wouldn't hurt)  I love it- except for I wish it were a little longer- adding the extra 4 inches I thought my love handles needed clearly wasn't enough.  I'll add another 3 to the next one- but there will definitely be a next one. It's only a matter of when and what color- I'm leaning towards the 4 balls of light green in the stash.  Which is something I won't buy in New York City...okay maybe a little more stash, I have been a very good destasher this year.

Okay...I have a few things to get done before I go, including buying some jeans that fit, nice shoes that don't have a 4 inch heel, make arrangements for the cats, and of course- finish my mittens!

Happy Hannukah to you all, and to all a good night! (Now that I know I'm a little bit Jewish I can totally say that)

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