Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the hat

There's this funny little song by Ingrid Michaelson called "the hat" and it's about this guy that she likes and she knitted him a hat to show him how much she cares.  A couple of the lines are "I knitted you a hat of blue and gold/to keep your ears warm from the bitter cold/it was my first one and it was too small/it didn't fit you at all/but you wore it just the same".

I wish I had the "first hat" excuse.  I knitted Rob a hat for Valentine's Day out of some sock yarn that I've had for years and it's too pretty for my feet.  I started, made about 3 inches and Rob tried it on and said it was a bit snug.  So I added 16 more stitches and tried again.  He said it was still a bit snug when he tried it on when it was around 4" long and I told him that was because it was still on the cable needle and it wouldn't really stretch out until it was farther along.  I mean, I added about 3 inches to the "slightly snug" hat- surely that would cover it? (Here it is having a soak before I find something head-sized to block in on)
And I bound off this morning and I'm not sure it's big enough.  It fits me- might be a little loose on me for that matter.  But it's blocking now and when I see Rob I'll make him try it on and see.  It's finished, so if it's too small then I have a new hat (or someone I know has a new hat) and I'll try again for Rob in a different yarn.  I just don't understand why after 18 years of knitting, I can't make a hat that flippin' fits!

In better news, I finished my mom's mermaid.  She has a head full of hair and is in a big box, headed to Florida.  She has no mouth (I tried 3 times and they kept getting worse) but I'm otherwise very pleased. Hopefully my mom (who embroiders- or at least used to) can figure out how to make her a mouth that doesn't look like she's had a stroke (mouth 1 & 2) or look like a blow-up doll (mouth 3). She does at least have eyes and a belly button.  Here she is at the Sunday Starbucks knitting group!
And I know this last bit isn't about knitting...but I've had a very needy cat lately.  When my parents left to go back to Florida after Christmas break, they took their little cheetah-devil with them, and it's been the first time in Madeline's life that she's been an "only child". She was really clingy after I got back from Florida after New Year's, and the clinginess might be getting worse.  She has also been really fussy for the past few days and gets cranky when I don't drop everything and hold her.  It's adorable...for a while- but I have stuff to do!  Any suggestions?  And getting another animal is not an option right now- I think Rob and my parents would be doing rock-paper-scissors over who gets to kill me.


Alicia said...

I completely sympathize. I have a similar hat problem going on right now. The mermaid turned out well; beading looks great!

Anonymous said...

I received my mermaid and she is beautiful.. in spite of not having a mouth. I am spying a red, open mouth crystal pin on ebay that I think would look fabulous on her. In a bit of a bidding war on it, so we'll see how much it goes for. There is another closed mouth pin on Etsy that would be a close 2nd if I don't get it.
I saw the UPS man deliver and I told him it was my mermaid. He said, "Oh, that is what was sloshing around back there."..
She's sitting in the living room and has received lots of attention so far.