Monday, June 10, 2013

Shaken Up

So there's been quite a bit going on in my life in the past month, and while change is great and I love the way things are headed, it means I'm not getting a whole lot of crafting time, and even less for writing about it.

I turned 25 at the end of May.  I know that's still young but I had a goal- or at least an idea of how my life would be at 25.  I would be the owner of a successful small business.  Good For Ewe is on the right track but it was a slow year.  I'm super thankful for my part-time job seasonal job that has turned into a full-time year round job.  They are also aware of my real business and that during my busy season I can't be there 60 hours a week and my flexibility is....non-existent. So I'm not horribly off there at least.

I would be in a fabulous relationship and living with my fabulous partner/fiance/husband in  our adorable little cottage in Broad Ripple which we would work on during the nights and weekends because fixing up an old house is something we both have always wanted to do. The reality is: I can't afford to move out of my parents' house because I spent all my savings on starting a company. And Rob and I had very different ideas on this whole living situation, but that doesn't matter anymore as we broke up on the 3rd day of our Paris trip.

I was going to adopt an adorable little rescue dog that I could stick in my giant purse and take to the Farmer's Market with me.  Never mind that it's been  years since I went to a Farmer's Market but that was going to be something that started happening when I turned 25.  I think I won this one...I have the world's coolest cat Madeline and my mom recently adopted a little tiny rescue dog who is adorable and high-energy and not something I necessarily want to deal with all the time. I love her to pieces, but I'm glad she's not my full-time responsibility.

I would have read all the Salmon Rushdie, Faulkner, and David Sedaris novels in existence by now, as well as be an expert on all things Shakespeare.  
Eh- I'm mostly there with the Rushdie and Sedaris. 

I would have well-behaved hair and wear fabulous dresses and high heels everywhere.  Seriously?  Am I Carrie Bradshaw?  I did shake things up here and cut off most of my hair- and I love it.  It takes a whole 10 minutes to dry and style and I won't feel so guilty about changing the color all the time and damaging it. And I bought a few new dresses for good measure which I do wear as often as possible. 
The reality is that life is not how I envisioned it would be at this point.  And I'm really really okay with that.  I work 2 jobs but I love them both.  I'm single but I have some really great girlfriends, and yeah, I'm the last single girl left of them but they're still super supportive and are helping me get ready for my first big trade show with my new company that is small but growing.  I do wish I had my own place but I'd rather spend my money on paying back loans and putting some in savings right now. I'll get there soon enough. 

So...moving on.  I went to Paris! I had a really nice time there, despite the weather being terrible and breaking up with Rob on the third day.  We have been growing apart since he started grad school around Thanksgiving, and I got to see him *maybe* once a week.  So it's sad but it's not like my life has changed dramatically.  There has been someone that I've been talking to but I'm not sure if it's going anywhere.  Perhaps after the trade show I'll sign up for an online dating site.  But I'm rambling...Paris. 

We went for a friend's wedding and it was chilly, but lovely.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures...
And lastly, what I've been making lately...
Okay- I'm heading out for a quick run before work.  Need to lose that 4 pounds I picked up in Paris (curse you, Nutella and Banana Crepes!) 

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Bonnie said...

Life may not look exactly like you'd hoped, but it looks really good! You've got a lot of great things happening now. Congrats!