Thursday, July 18, 2013

Everything but knitting!

The busy continues! I've been absolutely swamped lately, and haven't been crafting as much as I'd like- but that sort of thing happens when you own your own craft-related company.  No time to actually do it!

Things are the nursery have been slowing down a bit.  Things with Good For Ewe have been picking up a lot!  I had one trunk show in Bloomington at In A Yarn Basket (lovely shop, very knowledgeable staff, loved it there!) this past Saturday and I'm taking this Saturday off of trunk shows to go to my BFF Ben's wedding in Michigan City.  But I have also booked a morning appointment with a yarn shop owner in Champaign Illinois who wants some sock and lace yarn.  So I'll be in Champaign when the shop opens at 9:30 and then wedding-bound after that.  Whew- it's going to be about 11 hours on the road on Saturday but killing 2 birds with 1 stone is totally worth it.  I have 10 yarn shows booked for this Fall- one of which is a week long. It's in Chicago and I'm really hoping to sell enough that I have to make a couple trips back to Indy to refill on yarn.  We'll see.  I'm really just hoping to sell enough yarn to make up for the cost of the hotel for the week.

And I'm really really hoping that all of the shows this Fall mean that I can move out and get my own place in the Spring- fingers crossed! That would be awesome! Not that I've been checking out houses online or anything like that...

Still going on dates.  They're slowing down now that I'm on Round 2, but I think I might have another first date or two next week.  We'll see.  I'm taking it day by day right now.


I finished a potholder this week.  I found one that had been started and had 2 rows done a couple weeks ago and stuck it in my purse.  I finished it Saturday night and gave it away to one of the people that were sitting near me when I finished it. I have tons of dishcloth cotton hanging around so I might have a purse potholder for a while until the stash is a little more controlled.
I'm making a baby blanket for a friend of my mom's who is getting a grandbaby! My mom knows the drill with these- go buy the yarn and I'll make it sometime in the next week.  She got a different brand than usual because it was on clearance and very pretty.  Since she's not a fiber crafter though, she didn't think to compare the yardage to the brand we normally get.  We normally get 5 balls of the usual at 175 yards per ball, so she got 5 balls of this yarn as well.  Except that this ball has 71 yards on it.  Which means that when I'm done with my 5 balls of yarn, that's a really small baby blanket.  She did go to another Joann Fabrics to find the rest of it.  Now we have enough to make most of 2 of this color, which I'll start and then have hanging around next time I need another baby blanket- I'll just need to find another few balls of this yarn eventually. (I do need one more ball of yarn in this one to even it out a bit)
I'm having a really hard time keeping Party Girl off of the blanket.  She's quite the afghan-enthusiast. 
I'm still working on my Halloween cross stitching every once in a while.  I worked on it for a few minutes last night while I was finishing my Sookie Stackhouse audiobook.  I have another book lined up so there will be more work on this soon- or at least before my next book club meeting. 
And new project/obsession.  My quilt. 
I'm quite in love with my new quilt.  I spent about 4 hours on 3 different days on it (after all the cutting had been done).  So far I have the first 60 squares all attached (see above).  I have 3 more rows of 10 sewn together that I will attach vertically so then I will have 90 squares attached.  I probably have another 40 squares that are made but still floating around, unattached.  

When I went to buy the white fabric (technically the color is Bone) they only have 2.5 yards of it.  So I bought that, washed/dried/ironed/cut that up and once I have that initial 2.5 yards of white in there I will measure and do some math and figure out how much I need to order to finish the rest.  I'm doing a queen sized quilt- a generous queen to leave lots of quilt hanging over the side of the bed.  I'm also going to be continuing the pattern on a couple pillowcases as well so I can match it all.  But I figured I'd take a breather and finish a couple more knitting/design projects before I dive in to the rest.  

So that's that.  What are your summer crafting projects? 


Bonnie said...

The quilt is beautiful! I just finished my first quilt and dropped it off to be machine quilted. It was hard to let it go. "You'll take good care of it, right?" I'm knitting birthday/Christmas presents right now, but I'm itching to start a sweater!

Paige Darling said...

I can't imagine dropping my top off to be quilted without my supervision! I'm sure it will be lovely when it's finished- I saw the progress on your blog- lovely so far! I should be working on Christmas presents...but I think it's a gift certificate year. Again.