Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just when I thought life couldn't get any more different...

It did.  I just finished my second week in a temp job in HR, and was offered to stay on after my temp period is over.  Since they prefer to hire HR people through the temp service, I'll have to wait a few months before that contract is up before I can be a real employee. But the people are nice, the job is steady, the money is better and paying the credit card bill isn't quite as scary anymore. Being somewhere by 8 every day is getting a little better but it's still pretty rough.  And I've already put on  a little weight from sitting at a cubicle and not walking around a nursery all day, I'm still at the nursery on weekends- I promised them I'd at least stay on through the busy Spring season and I'd like to stay on through the Fall so I can get my yard all planted/landscaped and keep the discount for my shrubs I'm putting in this year. 

I'm really excited for gardening this year, so if you are anti-plants, you may want to tune out until the first frost of the Fall. My little seedlings are still going pretty well.  One of the trays got pulled down by Madeline and I suffered a few cucumber casualties, but we probably didn't need that many cucumbers anyway,  We still don't own the house since TD & H is taking his sweet time with his taxes, which he needs to have done and back before we start the mortgage process for the 4th time (ARGH!!!! $%)*^(#$% BANKERS!!!!) so I don't know if any of these seedlings can actually go in the ground this year as we can't dig a garden.  Or we'll have veggies in the flower beds.
Our neighbor with whom I've chatted over the fence suggested we tear down the fence separating our yards and make a community garden. He says he maintains a garden and then anyone is welcome to the veggies he grows.  Which is honorable and I applaud him, but I have a strong feeling I'd never see any of my own veggies on my plate if that happened, and I have already put in way too much effort to have that happen.  I'll contribute plants to his garden and even help weed it, but I just don't feel comfortable with people I don't know coming into my yard (I'm very concerned for Madeline, who is afraid of everything) and taking my veggies. Plus I have canning equipment coming and I wanted our leftovers to go to family and friends and neighbors if I want them to, but the rest would be going into cans to get us through the winter. 

Here are some pics of the veggies as of this morning...
(I'm not giving them wine, I just don't have a nice watering can and so I've been letting the water sit for a day or two in wine bottles before I use it on the plants- they much prefer water that's been sitting.)  I've had them in the window but have started shining he Ott light on them for a few hours each night, it seems to be helping.  At least with the artichokes.
And here is my goldfish plant, which I've propagated from a broken piece I found at work. It's got tons of new growth and I love it.  Plus my mom found this wee planter, which was her great Aunt's and is at least 100 years old.  It fit my plant perfectly. 

I'm out of blogging time for today- I burnt a few fingers at Black Smithing class yesterday and typing is taking much longer than expected.  More on non-plant projects soon! 

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