Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The itch

I've got the itch. It's terrible. I keep fondling yarns and having dreams of new lace socks and having urges to cast on with the 6 skeins of Cascade that watch me from my desk as I type this entry. My four new sock yarns taunt me with visions of shimmering lace and eye of partrige heels. Oh- the misery!

Hehe...I bet you thought I was talking about a skin rash, didn't you? I wouldn't put that on a blog, silly goose!

I've just come from the Colchester SnB and have been inspired to cast on yet another pair of socks. I am completely enamoured with Louise's skull and crossbone socks in black and lime green, and I'm craving to do something with all my new hand dyed yarns that I got from Eric and Mandie over Christmas break! Torture! I've gotten quite bored with my 2 current projects (Joey Ramone hoodie and the never-ending bamboo scarf that I started for the airplane trip back here) but I keep telling myself that I need to finish at least 1 before I start a new pair. I'd love to finish them both, but the hoodie is getting bigger by the stitch and harder to drag around in a purse. I need something small and portable and lacey...hmmm...what on earth could I make? Hmmm...oh! Duh! Socks!

See? The itch is bad...

I'm still on the noctournal side of the day and although I'm doing better, getting up before 2 just isn't happening. Too bad I've got a class at 11 tomorrow. I'll do my best. I might have to invest in sleeping pills to get myself back on the right sleeping schedule. I am actually sleeping when I go to bed now, so that's an improvement to the bags under my eyes and my atttitude. I can be quite the bitch when I'm fully rested, you don't want to see when I'm sleep-deprived like I was last week.

So while I'm up until 3, I have been writing. Not essays or papers like I should be of course, but I'm dipping my hands into a little sci-fi novella which is turning out to be great fun! I know I'm already a giant dork, so a little sci-fi/romance couldn't hurt, right? God I love writing. 10 pages in so far and I just can't stop.

I think that pretty much sums me up right now. I'm outta here!


Emilee said...

Socks sound so exciting and portable! I'm just not brave enough to try them. Haha I love your sweater pictures below btw! It's beautiful, did you finish it?

Paige Darling said...

No...I have a bit of a sleeve-phobia and I got to the point where I needed to pick up stitch sleeves and decided I didn't have enough time to finish it before break. I'm excited to get back to it though, it fits really nicely on me and the dummy.

laurie said...

Bad luck while you were gone---but meeting cute electronic's guy your luck has changed...keep knitting, reading and writing...at home in indiana---all is the same.