Friday, July 3, 2009

Shama-llama ding dong!

Today was a little ravelry meet-up/yarn sale at the Trading Post in Pendleton, which I had actually never been to despite the fact that it might just be my closest LYS. I told myself I could buy a teeny bit of roving for the Tour de Fleece, which starts tomorrow, but I left with 6 ounces of Fleece Artist merino/silk in reds and a skein of Claudia handpainted silk in green (yarn diet fail!) that will be a Woodland shawl in the kinda-near future. After I finish a million other things first.

Trading Post is in Pendleton, and for the readers who aren't overly familiar with Indiana farmland, it's...out there. I live on the corner of Indianapolis and Out There so it wasn't a big trek for me, which was great. The appeal of Trading Post is that it's a yarn store that happens to be on a llama farm with random chickens walking around clucking at you. It's pretty fun. I got a few pictures, but I was afraid to get too close since llamas spit. And llama spit is nasty.
Knitting content: I worked on my blue sweater at SnB last night, and managed to finish a sleeve and start the next sleeve. I know that sounds totally awesome, but it's a short sleeve thing. It's still pretty awesome though, because that sweater has been chilling on my dress form waiting for sleeves since December. Yay me. I'll try to finish that other sleeve in the next few days and get some pictures up on Ravelry and das blogg.

I also made a little baby ogre hat for Tammany, who is like 172 months pregnant or something. Since her Skittle is a girl, I put a bow on it. That's about it for today. I'm going to get a little sun and help get the house ready for the big 4th of July party tomorrow. Namaste!

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