Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm going to be frank: the Swine flu scares me. There's a lot of cases at Purdue, and a few cases on my floor in my dorm. So after a week of fighting a fever, aches, chills, stomach-ache, fatigue and finally a cough and a newly-runny nose, I hauled my butt out of bed and to the doctor. And for once, I'm absolutely thrilled to have a sinus infection and tonsillitis. I got tested for strep (which at first said it was positive but then they called and said the second test was negative), H1N1 (which is a scraping of the sinus cavity which hurts like a #$#)(@ since I'm still hurting from the nose surgery in June) and mono (which I won't find out about until next Wednesday, but we thought we'd check for it since I was there.) So they're calling it a sinus infection and tonsillitis and that works for me. I'm already feeling a little better than yesterday. But I'm still totally exhausted and coughing a lot. So that's what's up with me.

Oh- and I might have to have another (but smaller) nose surgery over Christmas. There is a rather large hump in my nose that developed after the surgery to fix the original hump. The PA said either the plate they put over the broken bones to keep them still has shifted or the bones have grown back. So that's going to suck, so I'm not going to think about it for 3 months.

Adam is...still around. He's really awesome and I like him more every day. I forgot how awesome it was to have a boyfriend, it's been nearly 3 years. He's even going to help me make macho mix tomorrow, and I will be sure to get some pictures. There's nothing sexier than a man cooking in my opinion.

And I am...still not knitting. I worked on the orange cabled hoodie for a while in the doctor's office but ended up falling asleep waiting for the test results, so I only got a couple inches done on the hood. So I'm going to talk to you about my plants.
My Wandering Jew "Sparkleplant" is still alive! Yay! Not only have I succeeded in keeping it alive, it's also grown nearly 5 inches since I got it 3 weeks ago. Gotta love that Miracle Grow.
I gave my pepper plants some Miracle Grow too, and now they think it's time to start actually making some peppers! I still think the plant is entirely too small to start devoting all its energy into growing veggies, so I'm going to pinch the flowers off today to help the plant get a little bushier before it starts growing foods. It's such an itty-bitty plant! (3-inch heel included for scale) That's about it. I've got to crank out a few more pairs of potholders and hopefully finish a ruffle scarf fairly soon...too many October birthdays!


JP said...

Not to reveal any secrets... but that's one of my oldest "tricks" to get a woman to like me... do domestic things like cook. Any man worth keeping is going to have 3-4 recipes he can make when he invites her over to his place for dinner.

Paige Darling said...

I agree. A guy should know a few basics to impress a lady. Unfortunately, Adam is a little clueless in the kitchen. We'll be making my recipe, I'm just going to have him cut up all the hot peppers so my hands don't burn afterwards! I'm such a bitch!