Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Most of you have probably been able to tell that I've just not been up to par with my usual creative self. I have been in a most terrible creative slump of epic proportions, which has started taking over other aspects of my life, like my creative writing, baking, beading, and sometimes even getting out of bed. So I am diagnosing my slump as a general panic slump. I believe that this so called panic slump has been brought on by a variety of crazy things all happening at once. Things I am holding responsible for the slump:

Leaving England
Nose/Sinus surgery
December Graduation Anxiety
Yarn Shop Failure
Inability to find work for after graduation
Too many knitting projects
Horticulture failures
Being called "snotty" by one of the knitters in my group (she's totally mean and it really shouldn't bother me, but it is bothering me- and way more than it should)
Back to School for the last time
Seeing all my friends getting married/have awesome relationships
Loneliness and doglessness

I've been moping around for months, knitting a bit, ripping it back, painting a bit, throwing it away, beading a bit, never putting the clasps on, and sleeping a lot. So now that I have decided just what you are, slump, I am kicking you out. I am taking my life and creativity back, one project at a time. It's so much easier to fight an enemy that you know than an enemy that brings you down namelessly.

Here's my first happy project in months, the color-me-happy socks.
They are plain, they are boring, but darn it, they're working. Yarn is Regia, Kaffe Fasset colourway. 68 stitches around on size 1 needles. Since this picture I've knitted the heel flap, turned the heel and finished the gusset.

And here's some nummy handspun that I made while thinking things through. It is Verona on Ravelry, about 120 yards/4 oz of BFL/Mohair/copper glitz. I kinda love it. This picture is seriously my wallpaper on my computer right now, and that makes me happy. Everyone needs a little orange handspun in their life.


janet said...

a) The snotty thing is so not true, love. I promise.

b) My orange handspun from the summer is the wallpaper on my work computer.

c) Yaay for happy socks!

Jen said...

admitting it is the first step, they say...i'm glad to hear that you don't have 11 other steps to go! :)