Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Update

As always, the darkness strikes before I can get home from work to take Olympic pictures of my knitting projects. So today after a good sleep in, I got my camera and my knitting bag and I went for it. I'm only going to include one of each project, but more can be found on Ravelry.
Firstly: Sock Hockey. These socks at the 12th or 13th attempt at my olympic socks. Seriously. I keep picking patterns and then 2 inches in I decide I hate them. Or the yarn isn't a good match. Or I'll never finish them in time. But Thursday night on my way to SnB, I grabbed one of my more recent sock yarn purchases and headed over to McAllisters to meet the knitters. I worked on another project for a little over an hour, and then started these and remembered why I love plain stockinette socks with fun multi-colored yarns at 60 stitches around. They fly by. Seriously. By the end of knit-night, I was almost ready to start the heel, and after last night's walk on the treadmill, I'm finished with the gusset (I find that knitting socks while training for a mini-marathon while watching Ice Dancing makes training for the mini suck a lot less.) I'll probably try to finish the foot today on the treadmill. I need to stop being such a slacker and hit 10 miles today. Oh yeah, yarn is Panda Cotton. The blue and green sock in the background is a Panda Cotton sock I made a long time ago and love to pieces, forcing me to buy more Panda Cotton at the New Year's Mass Ave Knit Shop sale and cast on for another totally awesome plain Jane sock. The new sock's name is Strawberry Socks Forever, even though the colorway is "Roses".
Bag Jump: This is my Quinn bag in very early stages. I saw Janet's Quinn a while back and decided I had to have one. And a few days before the Olympics, I frogged this sweater that I had started my Sophomore year at Purdue and never finished. In order to use up all of the sweater yarn, I decided to hold the yarn doubled to be that much more dense. The original Quinn bag suggests Cascade 220, knit on size 6 needles. Mine is bulky Aussi Wool from Oasis yarns held doubled on size 10s. It shall be called uberQuinn. It absolutely kills my fingers to knit cables this tightly, but it will all be worth it in the end.
Hat Halfpipe: This is the project that I started the Olympics with. And then frogged. (Are we seeing a theme here?) I'm now making a plain top-down beret out of some fun yarn from work that should be out in a few months. I think. But it's pretty awesome to work with.
So far I'm off to a slow start with my Olympic knitting, but I'm confident that I can finish at least the socks and the hat, but uberQuinn might be a different story. We'll see.
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Anonymous said...

You should knit a liverpool hat!
I hope you are well! I wanted to see how your knitting was going!
Love Anonymous super fit boy from England. Cheers! X