Saturday, February 27, 2010

Throwing in the towel

So today I'm throwing in the towel on my two remaining Olympic projects, the second Strawberry Sock Forever (which I guess I could finish if I did nothing but knit until the ending ceremony, but that's not an option) and the uberQuinn bag made from Aussi Wool held doubled. The bag is taking a lot longer than I anticipated, and the knitting is so tight, it's literally painful to work on for longer than an hour. It's a cool pattern and will be a great bag, just not by tomorrow night. I spent around an hour on it last night and only managed 6 rows and picking up the stitches for the rest of the bag. Pretty sad.
But now on to the happy news. I got new yarn! I know, I haven't really destashed anything lately and I totally don't need more sock yarn, but when Nicole from Imbued Fibers pulled this purple out of her bag on Thursday, I just knew that it was coming home with me. I did take a couple glamour shots of the yarn, but I currently have no projects in mind for this skein of awesome. But I think it might just be too pretty to put on my feet.
Even though I'm towel-throwing right now, I still plan to continue the project-elimination plan of finish 4 (or more), start 1 while keeping in mind the several people who had requested potholders and some of the repair work I'm doing for the neighbor lady whose dog tore up a crocheted afghan from the 1970's. Just wait until you see these colors. So if you're one of the people waiting for potholders, they are coming, just not right now.


Jaclyn Bailey said...

Sorry you are having to throw in the towel.... That Quinn bag is looking awesome! Are you gonna line it with fabric when you are done? Is this gonna be your new knitting bag? That new yarn you got is awesome! I love the color! Maybe a scarf with it?

Oh... those potholders? You were right. Everybody wants a set! Good thing they make good purse projects for when I expect to be waiting around a lot!

Paige Darling said...

Yes, the Quinn bag will be lined and I have a button picked out for closure as well. It will very likely be a new knitting bag- I seriously have one per project so I can just grab a bag and go. Except that they somehow all end up in the big green bag...but whatever. I'm sure I'll make a point to use the Quinn.

Nicole said...

That is some sexy yarn... love the bag.