Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TNNA: The Knitty and the Gritty

I know a few of you were following random facebook updates from my past few days at TNNA, but in case you weren't, here's a few of the highlights (without pictures- no pictures at TNNA):

1. Finishing Salmon-ella, the shawl of doom for the Temptation display.
2. Meeting the hotties over at Lantern Moon. Having dinner with one of the Lantern Moon hotties. Having drinks with that Lantern Moon hottie. Having a late walk back to my hotel with Lantern Moon hottie...etc. I did get made fun of for being back and alone at a reasonable time though, so it obviously didn't go tooooooo well.

3. Meeting some of the people that have accounts with us that I've only ever spoken to on the phone.

4. Having dinner with Della Q, Edie Eckman and Gwen Bortner.

5. Meeting some super-famous yarn people, most of whom are super-nice, and a couple of which were... probably just caught at an off-moment. I guess super-famous-yarn-people are still just people after all.

6. Starting a new project with some fabulous alpaca yarn.
7. Getting a stellar deal on a couple della Q bags (gotta love that Cash & Carry!)
8. Did I mention I got to hang out with the Lantern Moon hotties? Oh, and I've got some Ebony and Rosewood needles on the way.

9. Talking to the editor of a brand new Indie needlework magazine about a column. Oh yeah. I'll just have to try a lot harder in the column than I do on my blog :p But yeah...that's pretty darn exciting for me!

10. Coming home to find this:
So I've got to go...I've been waiting to watch the season premier of True Blood for 3 days and I might just explode if I don't do that. I'm out- happy knitting!

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Anonymous said...

What no picture of the hotties???