Saturday, August 14, 2010

In attempts to live Simply

One day last week a rather nasty thought occurred to me: I have so much clutter. In efforts to simplify, I have decided to eliminate 1 piece of clutter every day until the end of September, when I will make a giant trip to Goodwill. I'm starting small- like dumping an air freshener that dried up months ago but I keep around because it's pretty, but I'd eventually like to work up to something bigger, like taking a few purses or pairs of shoes to Goodwill. Finishing a project also counts as de-cluttering, providing that I don't start 3 more immediately. It all started with that darn Hogwarts Exploding Snap thing- I just am taking it a little further. So firstly I would like to make an offering to my dear readers.

1. I am destashing this giant pile of eyelash yarn. I don't need paid for it, I would only like it to go away. If you're in the Indianapolis area (or don't mind paying shipping) and would like lots of black, white, red and pink eyelash yarn, please let me know. It's yours. ***If you're violently allergic to kitties, this is probably not a good yarn for you. I think Madeline had a nap in the pile after I took it's picture. (If this eyelash yarn gets claimed, you're likely to see loads more of yarns in need of a new home. Just an FYI. )
2. I need to get rid of many Swedish Ivy starts. They are wonderful plants that grow very quickly when given lots of light and are watered frequently. Every once in a while they get little white flowers. I have tons and probably always will, so if you're interested in a start, please let me know and we will work something out to get the plant to you.
Okay...back to selfish knitting.

After finishing the baby blanket, super-secret-knitting, and frogging a shawl, I had a weak moment and casted on a Citron. You know- instant gratification knitting. Except that anyone who has ever made a citron will tell you that there's nothing instantly gratifying about it. I wish I had read the part about the rows with over 500 stitches before I casted on. I did at least use stashed yarn, so after the project is eliminated, the yarn will be too. And that's got to count for something, right? Needless to say, I'm not very far in and it will be quite a while before I can count this as my daily elimination. Garden Frog is shocked at how bright the yarn is.
I am still chugging along on my green lace shawl that I started (and then stopped) during TNNA. When I decided to SNAP it out of my clutter for August, I had 15/40 repeats done. After watching Schindler's List this morning with my kitting (and crying in to it) I counted 31 repeats done. It's not very long and I have more yarn than than I need, so I'll probably go to 44 repeats because I'm nuts like that. And I like shawls that are really long so I can wrap myself up and pretend I'm a burrito. It's somewhat of a guilty pleasure :p


Flowers said...

You have great artistic skills. Like the knitted scarf on your blog.

paisley penguin said...

Good luck with your decluttering! We have been doing that here as well. Feels good!