Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's time to play "Name that Knit!"

Or rather, name that handspun crocheted...thing. Since I'm sticking with the theme of getting rid of things (which I have decided to call micro-messes), I have taken one of the hundreds of projects that are laying around my upstairs waiting to be frogged or finished. True, I could find a new home for the mess, but the only real way of getting rid of the mess is to just finish it. So here is my thing....one micro-mess in the process of vanishing.

So the real question is...what is it? Is it a wine bottle cozy?
Is it a very poofy sleeve?
Is it a new style of hat? Perhaps a tube for transporting unframed prints and photographs?

Guess correctly, and you'll get one of your own! (I'll even let you pick the color!)


laurie said...

@aol.comI guess it's a cat sweater--yeah

laurie said...

I guess leg warmers for a horse.

Jaclyn Bailey said...

I would guess that it is some sort of a bottle cover... except that it would need a bottom of some sort... Nope. No clue so I am just gonna go with Bottle cover.