Saturday, November 6, 2010


Wow it's been a crazy week!

I bought a car! This is Bumblebee, a 2010 (yay year-end clearance sale!) Chevy Aveo. She is awesome and drives a little like a go-kart, which is even more awesome. The Jeep died a terrible frame-bent death a couple months ago and after a good long time in denial, I found Bumblebee in Plainfield. She's the first car that's ever been in MY name, and it's pretty exciting. Plus she gets over 350 miles per tank which is pretty awesome.
I finished shawl number eight!
Pattern is Zetor Scarf, yarn is Malabrigo sock that I brought back from England a couple years ago. My stash that I accumulated over there is slowly disappearing but I think that this Malabrigo was well spent. Plus I hadn't really stashed since I was saving for a car but I love this shawl, I'm thrilled with it even though I did a lace pattern that was really not what I normally like to knit. And I'm really excited to wear it on Thanksgiving since it's very season appropriate.
I finished some handspun! This is the last of my Batts in the Belfry that I stashed this past March visiting my mom in Sarasota. It's a couple different types of wool, a bit of bamboo, and lots of sparkles, which don't show up very well on the picture. It's a smidge over 3 ounces and a hundred yards. I think it wants to be a hat.
And I'm going on vacation! I'm going to go see my mummy in Sarasota and catch some sunshine now that we're getting flurries and such. She's been telling all of her friends down there that I need a "Mommy-fix"...I'm not sure I'd go that far but if someone is going to pay for me to fly down to Florida, I'll take a Mommy-fix. Madeline will also be going because she will destroy my house if I don't take her. Plus we would like to start introducing my mom's cat Lacey to Madeline and Tubby Custard since she'll be spending Christmas here.

That's about it- I've got a bajillion things to do and this afternoon to do them. Stay tuned for the Floridian adventures of Paige and her yarn!

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