Thursday, May 19, 2011

the spree begins!

I am very pleased to report my first FO of the birthday spree, an apple pie sampler that I've been working on since last July. A little sad that it took a year? Yes. Glad it's over? Yes again. But now the heck do I do with it? I don't have apples or cross stitchings anywhere!
(the ubiquitous art shot. check out the sexy on those French knots- oui oui!)
I've also dug out a Dolly Mama cross stitching that I've been working on since my sophomore year at Purdue (5 years?). Naturally it's not that extensive or difficult, I just have the attention-span of a goldfish when it comes to needlepoint. I am going to try very hard to finish this, my rug hooking sheepy pillow, and my TNNA knitting before next Thursday. And if hell freezes over and they all get done, then there's a partially knitted baby hat I found while looking for a crochet hook this morning.
Bring it.

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