Sunday, August 7, 2011

The hooking continues!

Looky here- a new Peace Lily!

Yesterday was not the best day. I woke up bright and early (there was an overweight cat sitting on my face) and thought I'd go to the State Fair to see if I had won anything- the suspense has been killing me!

I took 6 items and placed 2nd in lace- any article (tablecloth- yay!) 3rd in handspun-alpaca (which surprised me- I thought that was my fugly item this year) and 4th in scarf/shawl. For the scarf/shawl contest I entered my green silk beaded lace shawl that I worked on for nearly a year. I was thrilled that it placed- there was some tough competition this year. At least I was thrilled it placed until I saw what placed before it. I lost to a 1x1 ribbed scarf. Really? It was a really nice ribbed scarf, I'll give you that, but a ribbed scarf? Plus my shawl was displayed inside out, which makes me question if it was judged inside out, but who that was supposedly expert enough to judge knitting competitions wouldn't see that a lace garment was inside out? I know I'm being ridiculous, but I'm just...sad. I mean, I just finished a 1x1 ribbed scarf and sent it to a charity. Whooda thunk I could have placed 3rd in the State Fair with it? Bitter knitter is moving on...

I signed up to do a craft fair. I did loads of them in high school and a couple my freshman year in college, but had kinda gotten burnt out on people asking if I would take $10 for a $60 baby blanket. Then this lady that has bought a few baby blankets off me called this week and asked if I'd be willing to do a show that she's organizing. The booth space is reasonable, so I said yes. If I only sell 4 or 5 things, I'll break even. Plus my car needs a new front strut, so I'm not really in a position to say no to any work.
So for the next month and a half, I'm going to be making as many baby blankets, hats, and fast scarves as possible. Hardly a recipe for riveting blog entries, but my car isn't going to fix itself. Here's a few pics of current projects for the show and an addicting new cross-stitch pattern I just started. It's a halloween cross stitch (hence the rabid-looking bat) and I've done approximately 1/5 of the first of 6 charts. I might be working on this for many halloweens to come. (Good thing halloween is my favorite!)


deb said...

I would like to do a show to this year, haven't done one in years.
I was thinking of selling my knitted and crochet items.
How much do you charge for a baby blanket?
The reason I ask is because a lady at work(my old job) wanted me to make her a baby blanket, and when I told her $25 she decided against it. I thought it was a very reasonable price. Now I don't know what to charge. Any ideas?

Bonnie said...

I remember taking sugar-free preserves to the fair when I was a kid. The judge made a face when she tasted it and then said, "I'm sure this tastes correct. I've just never had sugar-free preserves." I was frustrated enough by it that I still remember it years later.

Paige Darling said...

Bonnie- that is funny! But I would be upset too. How can you be a food judge and never have the sugar-free version?

Deb- If the person that you work with wants a hand-made baby blanket for less than $25, she's being unreasonable. I don't really have a cookie-cutter formular for how much I charge because all of those little fees add up quickly and suddenly you've got a baby blanket that's $200. Non-crafter's don't always realize that you MAKE gifts because they are more special, not because it's cheaper to make a gift than to buy it (because all crafters know that'a a pile of poop). You may not be able to pay yourself per hour of crafting, but you need to at LEAST be able to cover your costs. I spend about $20 on yarn per baby blanket and generally make them over a few evenings. I charge $50, but will sometimes come down to $40 for family and friends. That being said, I have no idea what yarn you're using, how much you're using, and how much time you've got in your blanket. So if you have $5 and 2 hours, then sure- sell it for $25. If not, tell your friend to go to Walmart.

deb said...

hey thanks, that's what I was thinking to.
These blankets are crocheted and I use TLC baby yarn and generally takes 3. I use acrylic for baby blankets so they can be washed.
I used different brands.
Generally takes me 4-5 days to make one, lol, as I'm really not the fastest crocheter ;-)
Thanks so much for your input,I really appreciate it.
OBTW, forgot to congradulate you on your winnings at the state fair.
That's way cool.