Sunday, August 28, 2011

My poor neglected blog

Did I mention last post that I'd been persuaded to do a craft fair? If not, I have. It's a month away and I'm already regretting signing up. I'm so tired of crocheting baby blankets. But I'm going to keep on truckin', because I paid the entrance fee and gosh darnit, I'm going to do as well as I can in an hour and a half of crazy selling. So in short, I've been really productive, but it's boring blogging. (Here- another baby blanket- tada! Oh look, another!) I've also gotten a head start on Christmas presents, which I may end up selling at the craft fair if I don't make my project goals. So I'm going to try to make this blog post interesting.

1. My dill plant hatched today! (I am aware that plants don't "hatch" I just like that word better than "germinate")
2. The never-ending ruffle scarf is still never-ending.
3. I started a new spinning project! It is green and yellow and purple and sparkly and I love it. More later.
4. I can see the bottom of the bead container for my cowl, which means I only have a few more hours of work. That being said, I've knit about 10 beaded rows today and it doesn't look like I've used any of the beads. I'm quite sure they are reproducing in the bottom of the little bead tin.
5. I skipped rugby practice on Thursday and went to Jimmy Buffet instead. It was fabulous. Best skipped rugby practice ever.
That's all for right now- I'm quite determined to finish the beaded cowl today, and the sooner I quit writing, the sooner I can get back to the COWL OF DOOOOOOOM!

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Jaclyn Bailey said...

Mine is worse. It makes me sad. Your beaded cowl looks pretty even if it is "OF DOOOOM"