Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sewing Sundays

On my way home from work yesterday I got a much-anticipated phone call: my sewing machine was ready to pick up!

So on my way to knitting group today I picked up Esther and as soon as I got back from knitting group this afternoon, out she came.  I sat down for an hour and I had this...
The columns are a smidge over 5 feet long. I'll put another blue spacer in between the columns as well as between the squares to give it a nice uniform look- well, as uniform as a t-shirt quilt can look.  But I got this all sewn up in just under an hour.  My machine was nicely reconditioned and was an absolute speed demon- stitching way faster than she was a couple weeks ago.  Everything was coming along nicely and my lower bobbin ran out of thread.  Oh well.  Tried to wind the bobbin and then realized...that my machine no longer winds bobbins.  Did one by hand (30 minutes) and decided there had to be an easier way.  So if the snow lightens up tomorrow, I'll go out in search of a bobbin winding machine.  Fun fun. I just hope the snow lightens up enough that I can get out of the house in search for that bobbin winder.
Other than the bobbin setback, I'm really liking this project. It's fun, it's fast and the fusible interfacing on the inside of the shirt is making a world of a difference! So take that, Martha Stewart.  That's all Paige right there.

 I was supposed to be hanging out with Rob tonight and not quilting, but as usual, homework came first and I'm alone.  The flirty guy at work is starting to look better and better.  So tonight I'm watching our shows alone, in my fleece pj pants and cross stitching my heart out. I'm not over the moon with any of my knitting projects at the moment so I pulled out last year's cross stitching project that still isn't done.  I should only have a few more hours of work...and then I can move on to the border.  If I actually spend a little time with it, it could be in my harvest home by this harvest season.  But we'll see.
I did finish one more little project- my fugly rug!  It's not pretty but it used up a ton of dishcloth cotton scraps and works just fine at...being a rug.  So mission accomplished. Voila!


Bonnie said...

The quilt looks excellent. Is Esther broken that she no longer winds bobbins?

Paige Darling said...

Actually Esther's feed-dog was broken- she wouldn't pull the fabric forward after sewing and just sewed in the same place. It was a pretty simple fix. The bobbin winding abilities have been slowly departing since I got her and it finally just stopped winding bobbins. I could get it fixed ($200) or I could buy a bobbin winder ($25).
So I'm not that worried about it.