Friday, January 30, 2015

Dreaming in Dresses and Shawls

I've been chugging along on my baby quilt. Progress has been slow since I've been staying an extra 90 minutes late at work every night. I've also been much more diligent about getting to the gym, which is great since I got a little squishy last year when my favorite Zumba teacher quit and I didn't really care for the next one. Or pilates. And I am suddenly much more motivated (more later).

I finished the back of the baby quilt and have begun with the actual quilting part- the sewing together of the three layers as perfectly and wrinkle-free as possible. My process involves a few minutes of sewing and many more minutes of re-pinning to make sure the bottom doesn't bunch while I'm quilting. It's a slow process. This is the first time I'm using thread that's really obvious, so there's a lot more pressure to make it look nice. It's a slow process, but rewarding.  I'm very excited to see it finished, and I might get that this coming weekend since Tall/Dark & Handsome is out of town at a bike show.

I've also started in on another baby cardigan. I'm using Cascade Jewel Hand Dyed, a yarn I've had in the stash for a couple years that I occasionally bring out to pet and then put away again. It's day has finally come. I had 2 hanks, so enough for 2 hats, a good scarf or another baby sweater. Baby sweater it is. It's just a basic raglan but the thick and thin yarn is super cute and it's going to make a very warm sweater. I'm making this one in the 1 year size as well, and since it's going to be a gift to a buddy who already has a kid about this size, I'll try to finish this quickly so older brother and new baby can both wear it. I love it, and I've made her promise to give it back one day.

I'm a little obsessed with the baby sweaters right now. They're just so precious!

I've also been working in spurts on this crazy sweater I started maybe 5 years ago. I bought it because it was a new company I'd never seen before and quickly realized I liked it much better in the hank. Fast forward 4 years and I'm organizing my stash room, preparing to move out of my parents' house. I find half a yoke of a top-down sweater and throw it in the car. I'll finish it someday. I got really into it for a while and then after starting the first sleeve, got bored with it again. That was last February. It's been hanging out in my African market basket since then, taunting. I had another quick fling with it while I ignored the baby cardigan for a few days, and finished the first sleeve/started the second at knitting group last Sunday. I was really determined to finish it Monday and that would have really worked well...if T/D & H hadn't torn up his knee playing hockey Sunday night and required a day of driving around to different Dr's offices on Monday.

He also did something kind of crazy Sunday night. Almost a year ago, he broke his leg in 2 places and torn a bunch of tendons. He's not back to where he was, but he's finally getting closer. We went to urgent care but they were no help, so we went home, iced and propped and were sitting in bed going "are we really doing this again?". His knee on his good leg was swelling by the hour and starting to change colors. Our plans for our trip to Tahoe next month for snowboarding were laughing at us. He was in pain. I was worried. We weren't going to get any sleep. He hobbles down to the basement and come back up, slowly gets down on the good knee, and opens a box.
Well of course I said yes! The guy designed the ring back in October but it was just finished last week. It's set really low so I won't knock it in the garden or dye studio or get it tangled up in my yarn. So thoughtful!

*In case you were wondering, his knee will be fine. He tore his MCL, and not completely. We originally thought he had torn his ACL. He just needs to keep a brace on and ice it and try not to fall for around 6 weeks*

We aren't officially wedding planning yet. He is in the process of moving his bike shop, I'm getting ready for my dye class next week and the trade show after that, and I think it's a little bonkers to try to add venue shopping to that. I want to have as much DIY stuff as possible...ish. I'm thinking about making the dress but also thinking that could be really stressful and REALLY time consuming. But cheaper. And would fit perfectly. But then I'd miss out on shopping with the bridesmaids! See- it's quite the dilemma. To knit or not to knit. Whether it is a noble cause to sew a bodice and tack on crochet lace that could easily take me all year. I think I'll make a wedding shawl and just buy a dress. I'd also like to do my own flowers. And by do my own flowers, I mean call a friend with flower arranging experience, giving them lace, ribbon and pruners and sending them out in the yard. I've worked my ass off in that garden, I'm making it work for me. Flowers aren't cheap.

So that's this week in my crazy life. I'll hopefully be able to squeeze in a post before I leave for knitting camp next Friday, but if not, wish my 80 students and me luck!

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