Monday, January 19, 2015

Ode to Weekends

I just love being able to go to bed Sunday night knowing that the house is clean(ish) and I am down one or more project.

Saturday I got up and got my bangs trimmed and ran some errands around Broad Ripple, and went to go work on my quilt for the first of 4 babies coming this Spring/Summer. I'm sure there will be more, but there's 4 that I'm preparing for now. I was just not having the best day quilting. I sewed a couple pieces on upside down and had to rip them out. I burned my middle finger on the iron. I sliced open my other middle finger on the rotary cutter, and then I decided I was done. Madeline was fast asleep on some of the toadstool fabric in a sunbeam so all was good in her world.  I put everything away for a couple days and got ready to have a couple friends over to dye yarn. Here is the baby quilt as it stands now. I still need one more row and then I can get to the next steps. 

I also realized that the quilt top is bigger than I anticipated and I needed new fabric for the backing. I could have probably just bought more of the batik I was going to use originally and sewn the two together, but then I saw this Dr. Seuss fabric and it was 40% the batik will go elsewhere. No regrets.
Sunday was a little better. I got to sleep in a little more and then went to knitting group where I finished knitting a little sweater I started a couple weeks ago for the first arrival in Spring.  The pattern is kind of Baby Sophisticate, which I altered because my gauge was nowhere close and I really just needs to know how big the chest of a 6-12 month old baby is and how long to make the arms. It looks like the picture did, so all is good. I made the sweater in a mostly acrylic but a little wool blend and while it was really cute, I was over it. I've made several things with this yarn before and I'm glad to be done with it. It's totally cute so that's good. I've already moved on to the next sweater, which might go to baby 1,3, or 4. Or not go to anyone because it's so cute and I might want it in the extremely distant future.

Anyhow, I finished the knitting at knitting group, I came home and ran it through the dryer with some clothes for a few minutes to soften things up, and then sewed on the buttons while the Colts were massacred by the Patriots. F'ing Tom Brady. 

And then Madeline and I jumped right into the next one.
Have a great week! Stay crafty my friends!

OH! And if you are super bored, you should check out my first Youtube tutorial on how to make pepper jelly with my co-host/ co-worker/ crafty buddy, Rachel. Tiny Kitchen Cooking & Craft Show

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