Thursday, March 6, 2008


So my stress relief Jabberwockies were way too small....even for my size 4 feet. But the striping in the yarn was kick-ass so when I finish my Last Chance socks I will recast on the Jabberwockies. Shit. I even turned the heel.

I have finished both sleeves of the Glascow sweater and now need a front, assembly and the collar thingy. Thank goodness next week is Spring might actually get done. I plan to finish the Glascow sweater and the Peace hoodie over break. My fingers might fall off, but I'm trying to get that project count down.

I'll also probably hit up a few yarn stores for the hell of it. Anyone want in on it? I would like to get a couple more skiens of Kureyon for my Souvenirs Blanket.

Might sew something never know. Anything can happen on Spring Break.

Oh! Almost forgot. I'm spending much of this summer in China. I signed up yesterday. Any ideas for a smaller project to take with me on planes and trains and giant walls? I need your input, readers, or I will very likely take too much yarn and make another hoodie in the blistering heat of a Chinese summer.

I have to get back to cramming for tomorrow's math exam. Luck isn't enough...wish me a miracle.

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