Monday, March 3, 2008

I am about to kill my roommate

And so I am knitting socks. I started Grumperina's Jaywalkers (which I am calling Jabberwocky after Lewsi Carol's creativity) last night (I know...many people from Mad Knitters don't like this sock) and am about to turn the heel. Which is awesome...because normally socks don't move that fast for me. I am knitting them in a mystery self-striping sock yarn that has been in my stash for probably 5 years. It is unlabeled and unknown...and it looks AMAZING with this pattern. I can't put it down! I just keep knitting and knitting, working faster to see what color comes next (I could just look at the skein but that's slightly less productive).

So.... while I've been not blogging for almost a month, I have knitted about half of Interweave's Glacow Lace sweater (see "Knitting for Stress Management: When your harddrive dies the week of midterms and you lost your 7 papers due that week all in one fell swoop") and started a Lizard Ridge (Laura Aylor,

For those of you not on Ravelry, my Lizard Ridge is called "Souvenirs" which in French, means memories. I will buy one skien of Kureyon everytime I go to a new yarn store or am having a ridiculously awesome day that I'd like to remember in the form of an elongated, wool square of a blanket. That way I can have both French and English souvenirs all in the blanket. So far I only have one, and that happy memory was teaching a good friend to knit last Wednesday. (He'll be on Ravelry soon...)

That's all for now...I've got to study for a math test, history test, and write 3 papers...tonight!

Happy knitting!

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