Monday, March 31, 2008

You're up Early

I planted some catnip in a pot over Easter and wasn't expecting it for another two weeks...but look what I found this morning! I do love Spring...and Tubby loves the nip.

I've been knitting along on my leaf-lace cardigan for my trip to China...but it's getting to be a bit tricky. I've got to get both of the fronts all caught up so I can start doing the neckline...which could be tricky. I've never designed lace before or a cardigan, so two firsts for me. Pics are on Ravelry. Deadline for completion if it wants to go to China with me is May 9th. Last final is on May 2nd and this could actually work.

I also started a sock (Bad Paige....Bad!) to knit on during downtime at rehearsals (that's slightly more acceptable. But why not knit lace? Because it's dark, you idiot) and that's going quite well. (That was a bit of a Smeagol moment, was it not? *Gollum*Gollum*)

Right....this is what happens when there's too much work and I take a break from it to blog. But anyhoo...the socks are going well. Unfortunately the numerous hours of dancing have taken a toll on my feet and they are no longer the pretty sock models they used to no looking! The shows are April 26/27 ish and we've got 4 all-day rehearsals before then. I may be able to crank out two pairs of socks..or just finish the ones that have been going since Christmas. That's a better idea. And after all this rambling Blogger won't load the sock pic. Damnitalltohellandback.

All for now...I've got a ton of groupwork to do that the rest of my group isn't doing! Assholes...

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