Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hey everyone! was the much anticipated Oxford trip, and I must say, it was pretty flippin' awesome. We had to meet at 7.45 this morning and drive for 2 1/2 hours while the driver played techno/rap remixes, but nothing an I-pod and Josh Groban couldn't block out. I do love that man.
Anyhoo- got to Oxford and had 7 hours to do it all, so we did. I went with my favorite Argentinians, Sere and Agus (Sere is forgiven, Luke is a douchebag and I'm really truly over it this time). We went to Christ Church Cathedral and College- which is the most famous one at Oxford. I turned on my camera to get some pictures, but it was nearly dead despite the fact that it charged all night. So I took a few snapshots and then saved my battery for the Oxford Museum of Natural Science (because I'm awesome like that-right?) So here is a small snippet of our day in fairly chronological order:

We went to Christ Church College, where I debated dropping out of college/uni and becoming a postcard photographer. Turns out it's not my mad photography skills, Oxford just really is that beautiful.Still thinkin' about dropping out....
There was something significant about that tree, but since we followed the Spanish tourguide for Sere and Agus, I didn't quite get it. I did get some Argentinian lovin' in the Churchyard though (totally going to hell for that) -that picture got knocked out of order, see first picture for Argentine lovin'.
We then teleported to Pisa to see the leaning tower. Not really, I just decided that this building looked better tipping over.We headed over to the Museum of Natural Science (if you ever go to Oxford- you must do this. The shrunken head exhibit was closed, but the rest was well worth it. How many places do you get to have your picture taken with Charles Darwin...seriously?)

I thought about how lucky I was to not be dating a dinosaur. Imagine how long it would take to knit him socks!I modeled the newest design in Dinosaur fashions. Agus was stunned.

Not to be outdone by my mad skills and Vanna White impersonations, Sere got her flirt on with a badger. She got his number, too.
and I was brutally mauled by a dinosaur. Then my camera died.

After the museum, we got a quick lunch (I went to this Panera knock-off called Pret A Manger, which is French for "Ready to Eat" and met them at Burger King with my uber-healthy sandwich.) and decided to part ways for a bit. I was exhausted from my lack of sleep (had an asthma attack last night and was a little shaken up when I tried to go to sleep) and decided I'd not follow them through another museum at break-neck speed, so I went shopping. I went to the Alice in Wonderland store (another must if you ever go to Oxford) and looked around. I got a tea cup (thought it was fitting) with the illustration of the game of croquet between the Queen of Hearts and Alice whilst using Dodo birds as sticks. They also had Mad Hatter tea but the exchange rate made me not get that. I did get a couple cool postcards, one of which I will send to my mother, and the other I will use as a bookmark. I send my mom a postcard from everywhere I go that's not Essex. I'm awesome like that. Plus I totally didn't get her anything for her birthday and think a year of postcards might make up for that. Back to Alice in Wonderland.

Lewis Carrol- the writer, as well as a heroin addict, was a teacher at Oxford. Alice, the inspiration for the stories, was the 7 year old daughter of the Dean. There's definently sexual undertones in the stories and the pictures that Carrol did of Alice, but that's weird and I'm not going there. I'm so traumatized from my fairy tales class, I'm seeing pedophilia everywhere! Ahhh! Anyhoo, the store that is now the Alice in Wonderland store used to be Alice's favorite candy store and there's a wonderful shelf of colorful and delicious things that make me wish I actually had a metabolism. Instead I bought postcards and a teacup. And 2 shirts that say OXFORD UNIVERSITY in super big bright letters across my boobs. I'm collecting hoodies from prestigious European Universities so when I go back to Indiana rockin' the Oxford shirt and people ask where I got that rockin' Oxford shirt, I'm going to tell them I went to Oxford/Cambridge/La Sorbonne. I will simply fail to mention that I only went to Oxford/Cambridge/La Sorbonne for a day and I took tours, not classes. Itty bitty details. Itty bitty.

Went shopping a little more, looked for a Chelsea shirt for little bro's Christmas present, failed at that, went to Borders to feel better. Got a book most appropriately called, I Never Fancied Him Anyway which I will read in the kitchen. And then leave in the kitchen. With my name in the front cover. Maybe not. I just thought it seemed fitting. It's also motivation to finish my GD history paper. Not going to even crack it open until I finish the paper. That's not going to happen, but that's what I'm telling myself. I am completely lacking on willpower at the moment.

I'm taking a little knit-break. Probably just a week or so- I just need to put all my creative juices into turing my 5 page paper into the 20 page paper that it needs to be by Tuesday. Then I need to make a scarf for Marylyn, my mom away from mom. I'm going to visit her and her granddaughters on the 29th and I'd really like to have it finished and blocked by then. Any ideas for a fairly fast lace scarf? The yarn is Sirdar's baby bamboo, the color is white. Leave suggestions in the comments or Ravel me...y'all know the drill by now.

Happy Knitting! I'll be back in a few days!


janet said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!

lucielejard said...

I really enjoy reading your adventures in UK! Thank you for sharing and making us discover how it is to live there. You are doing so many things and you still find time to knit, that's amazing!