Monday, November 10, 2008


So far my essays are a lost cause- I planned to have 2 done by now, and instead I have one pathetic paragraph of word vomit. Writing just isn't coming naturally at the moment. I even set up appointments with my teachers to discuss my essays, which normally forces me to at least put some ideas down on paper...but I just can't convince my brain to help me out here! I know I'm way early and I have tons of time before these are due, but I really don't want to wait until the last minute with these darn papers like I do every semester! Any suggestions to kick-start my motivation? I thought booking a trip to Oxford this weekend would be motivation- nope. I thought knitting a little bit to get my brain in creative mode would work- nope. I've also been super distracted since I last wrote with Luke (don't judge, I'm not testing the waters with both feet- this time) but since he's in Manchester for the day, I thought I'd get cracking on my essays- but nope. No progress at all. This darn weather makes me want to sleep all day and not write papers....*yawn*.

So: new project progress. I told myself I wouldn't be starting new projects until I finished at least two papers. I failed at that. It's another sock- out of ONline Supersocke 100, which is the same kind the Picadilly Circus Socks are made out of. It's not great yarn, but it's cheap and very bright, both of which are extrememly important right now. It also washes really well. It's also tragically thin, and I couldn't get gauge on anything except Jaywalkers. So I casted on for Jaywalkers. And then frogged. And then casted on for Marigold Socks. And got to about 4 inches before I frogged. And now I'm knitting plain Jane stockinette stitch socks, and they're wonderful. I am knitting on size 0 needles (this sock is more dense than carpet- I'm willing to bet it's waterproof. And fireproof.) and I casted on 68 stitches around. It's a bit snug but the Jaywalkers I made out of this yarn have told me that it does stretch quite well. The size 0's hurt, but the fabric is great and it's totally worth it. I may do this again with the last skein of this yarn I have (bought 3- they were on sale- not the best yarn decision ever). If I finish the socks before Friday (might happen considering I started them last night and am now turning the first heel) then I will probably call them the Plain Jane Austen socks to keep with the British theme, and if they last until Saturday's road trip, they will be the Oxford Socks. I still need to finish Sere's scarf which I started forever ago- it's nearly scarf weather here. Plus I just want to get it off my desk.
So- on to a more interesting topic- Luke. I really can't make up my mind about him. Some days I want to punch him in the face and some days I want other things. Lately it's been the latter. So Saturday night after a few of us went to the pub (he didn't- we left before he got back from work) we all got back and were hanging out in the kitchen and talking about boxing. Apparently, there was this match that would be on at 11:15 (US time, that's 4:15 am for us) and normally I don't watch grown men beating each other to a pulp unless it's part of a Russel Crowe movie...but I was considering staying up to watch the boxing match with Luke. Then he made a comment about how the American boxer was going down and without thinking I blurted out, "Wanna bet?"
*I should probably point out at this time that I have no friggin idea who is who when it comes to boxing. Had I known anything about who was fighting I would have instantly agreed that the American was going down. And he did- he got his ass kicked by a Welsh guy. Darn.
** I should also point out that last time I said, "Wanna bet?" I ended up with a broken nose. What is it about Luke that makes my judgement dissapear?
So...2 hours of cardgames passed and everyone in the flat had gone to bed...except Luke and I of was game-time. So we were in his room watching the match and doing a little casual flirting and joking and then there was a tickle-fight and then...oh my's coming...the tickle fight stopped...the world stopped turning...he's going to kiss me...oh my god.....and I panicked. I jumped up and said I really needed to go to bed because at this point it was 7 am and I was still telling myself I was going to write papers all day and I FREAKED OUT! We made up, we flirted, we even had a friggin' tickle-fight and I FREAKED OUT! I have been kicking myself since Saturday night- my first shot at my first British kiss and I blew it! I am totally going to be a cat-lady.
So there. I get so close to getting what I want and then I run. Oh well...there's always tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you are in a situation, where the Council of Manliness can be of little or no help.

Paige Darling said...

I'm afraid you're right, anonymous representative. I believe the best course of action is to work on my papers and pretend he doesn't exsist until I figure out what to do with him. That being said, he was quite the gentleman yesterday and I may have subconsciously kicked up the intensity of the crush by a decibal or two (because crushes are measures in decibals, as well all know). But who knows- I have no time to be worrying about boys who like wrestling and boxing when it's time to go into Bionic-student mode.