Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Adventures of Guild People

So yesterday after a very sleepy day at work that ended in an early departure and a 3 hour nap, I get a text from Janet saying that I need to go to the Indianapolis knitting guild and by the way it's in an hour. I didn't have time to protest, so I grabbed three projects and a tube of lip gloss and headed out the door. In all honesty, I've been avoiding the knitting guild like the plague since there was some drama a couple years ago involving a knitter, a website and a separate and very different saucy website for rather naughty leather accessories. But that's another story, and you either know it or you don't. But anyhoo, there was so much knitting guild drama wrapped up in this, I had created a mental image of the knitting guild being a collection of women from like the mesozoic era or something, all working on their millionth Alice Starmore sweater, looking down long, veiny noses at younger "whippersnapper" knitters. And I'm really glad to say that I was waaayyyy off. Seriously. While I was the youngest one there, it wasn't a big deal. There were all skill levels, a little lace, a little cabling, a little fun fur, but after all is said and done, I actually enjoyed myself. The owner of Mass Ave Knit Shop taught a lesson on how to make a bajillion and one flowers and even made a few of them while talking to us all about where we can still these bajillion and one knitted flowers. Her lesson even reminded me of a WIP that was collecting dust (and probably fossils) upstairs in a corner somewhere, a pile of green yarn that had once been a sweater, and then another sweater, and was somewhere in the early stages of a tote bag. So I dug through the craft room that is frequently mistaken for Narnia and eventually found this pile of green Lamb's Pride Bulky that hasn't been touched since...idk...puberty? Anyhoo, crocheted on it through Jon Stewart, crocheted on it through Colbert, crocheted on it a little through Southpark after realizing that while I had stuck my wet sheets in the dryer, I had not actually turned the dryer on and sleep wasn't going to happen on wet sheets, and eventually I had about a foot of green single crochet, clean dry sheets and a terrible distaste for Jon Stewart's guest from last night. Wow that was a terribly muddled paragraph.
But Franken-tote is ALIVE or at least a WIP again. I even talked to someone about lining it, because I would do a terrible job. No pictures yet, it just looks like a roll of sod right now and is highly boring. I do have pictures, however, of a pretty flower that Madeline ate the other day, a shawl that I finished for work, and that "spechul" flower-eating cat who is currently hiding in a paper bag.
"How you doin'?"
***Shawl is in Alpaca With A Twist Baby Twist Jumbo Hank pattern is my own that will hopefully be published through Alpaca With A Twist within the next couple months!

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Jaclyn Bailey said...

I have a special kitty that eats flowers too.... I am pretty sure he just killed my gerbera daisy plant.... Oh well. That shawl is really pretty!