Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun in Florida

So Monday morning I got up at 7, fed my furbabies, got packed and ready to go, grabbed some yarn, gave hell-kitten a little kitty-ambien, and headed to the airport. Getting through security with a drugged up (but still very awake) kitten wasn't all that fun, but luckily the Indianapolis airport is one of the more chill airports in the world. So I got through, put my shoes and belt and hoodie back on, got Madeline back in her carrier (you have to carry them through security with you) and ran down to gate B-23 to find that my flight was already boarding. Sweet. I did NOT want to sit around waiting with a kitten who was trying to howl. Got on the plane, realized that had put me next to Moose, the Boston terrier and had to move since I didn't want to have a through-the-carrier fight for 2 hours between Moose and Madeline, and after a nap and a little knitting (I casted on a pair of socks from Mandie at Sheepytime's "Oceanic", one of her LOST colorways, realized I was knitting socks that were about a plane crash and put them away suddenly) we landed in Sarasota and called my mummy to pick us up. Madeline was sticking her head in and out of the carrier and attracting all sorts of attention, but my mom came and said that we could go to the house for a few minutes, but then had to leave because she was showing the house. So we got pedicures! (I had a very minor toe surgery on last Monday so I had to settle with 9/10ths of a pedicure). And afterwards, we went shopping.
And the next day, we went shopping. But we made it to the store I wanted to go to, so I'm quite pleased with that. We started the yarn-adventures with a trip to Picasso's Moon on Fruitville Road, a new yarn shop I'd read about. They were mostly a handspun art-yarn place, which I think is mostly too cool to use. They did have a little bird named Picasso in the store, and everyone was very friendly, but there were a few strange things. I thought it was cool that the store was shared between the yarn store and an antique shop, but the yarn sort of smelled old and dusty. It was also a little cluttered a very dark, which I don't like in a yarn store. I think good light is one of the most important things a yarn store should have. There was also something that I thought was odd, and that was the Cascade 220 (basic yarn that every yarn store should have) came already wound in yarn cakes instead of in hanks. It was strange, it felt like the yarn had already been used. But I also understand how easy it would be to just start a project instantly. Idk, I prefer new yarn in hank-form. I did love their roving collection though, and I bought some from Bats in the Bellfry, I think it might be a quasi-local dyer but I should really look it up. Mostly wool/tencel/Angelina blends. I do love a good sparkly thing.
Yesterday our adventure began at another yarn/needlepoint store, which was highly disappointing. The yarn collection was unimpressive and the needlepoint prices were insane. Like $30 for a 2x2 INCH needlepoint pattern, thread not included. It was a cute little sheep that I could add to my collection, but I refuse to spend that much on anything sheepy, much less something I would actually have to make first before I could add it to the sheepy room. Anyhoo, on to Venice to meet Aunt Diana and Uncle Bill for early dinner, and hold up...Spidey senses are that a yarn store? And it was. And it was one of the coolest yarn stores I've ever been in. The store was called A Good Yarn and it had the coolest yarn, much of which I'd never even seen before! The owner was super nice and we talked about all things lace, and I ended up with a few little things in my bag.

Noro Sekko- I didn't know Noro had a laceweight. Which happens to be mostly cotton. And really cool. I'll take two.
3 Irish Girls sock yarn, which I've only ever seen on Ravelry and in my dreams. I'll have one of the those too.
Opal handpainted sock yarn in blackberry. I'm currently on a bit of a purple-kick so that had to come home with me too. I love sock yarn.After that we headed to Tervis Tumblers, this place that makes totally awesome cups and mugs and whatever and they're all insulated and you can put hot or cold in them. She got me a pirate-cup for Christmas (and I love pirates) and I wanted to see if they had more pirate cups since I use mine every day when I take my huge cup of tea to work with me. They did, but I ended up with a pink and green paisley cup and a green butterfly cup instead. Still totally a win. After that adventure in plastic, we headed to Venice to see the Aunt and Uncle, had dinner with said Aunt and Uncle, and then went to a bird sanctuary, which was actually pretty cool. I did take a few pictures, but none of them came out very well since my zoom is pretty dinky and the light was not in my favor. It was really cool how hundreds of birds were all flying in to spend the night on this little island. I got a picture of some turtles too, but they're tricky to find in the picture.

I have been doing a little knitting/crocheting since I've been here (duh- I am on vacation!) and have added a little more to my Seascape stole in Rowan Kidsilk Haze and made a few potholders, including this set for my Mom's FBFF (Floridian Best Friend Forever) Daisy, who I will hopefully meet on Saturday.
But now Madeline and I need to put on our sundresses and get ready for another exciting day in paradise!

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laurie said...

Well Well- you and Madeline certainly seem to be having a shopping good time down in the sunshine state. Lots of nice pictures and I always love your travel logs...thanks.
See ya soon?