Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Happens. Lace Helps.

So every once in a while you just have one of those weeks where every little thing seems to add another pound to the weight you already carry. And I know my problems are really petty compared to everyone else's problems, but they're still things that I try to deal with but they occasionally win. It starts with a sinus infection that after 2 rounds of antibiotics, still hasn't gone away. Add in a not-so-great day at work and the misfortunes of a friend, and you're suddenly not as chipper as normal. There are big decisions that still need to be made regarding your future, since adulthood isn't all you planned on it being and there are necessary parts that frankly just aren't there. Then your foot starts to hurt from all the marathon-training, despite the $100 you just dished out on special running shoes designed for people that are knock-kneed. The next day you wake up to 6 piles of cat-vomit on white carpet, $100 later it turns out your cat is allergic to cat food. It's going to take more expensive cat food and heart burn medicine, which is also kind of expensive. Add an argument with parents about career and it's Friday night and you're standing alone in your messy kitchen with absolutely nothing to do but cry. So you open a bottle of wine, you start to pick up the mess and this somehow makes life just a little bit brighter. Because while I can't control most of what goes on around me, I can control how many dishes are in the sink and whether or not there's food in the fridge (there's not). And then my little brother and his roommate, Wyatt, walked in- very unexpectedly, which normally means trouble and more stress, but this time it was nice. They were pleasant, and for the first time in a long time (or ever) I sat down and watched a movie with Clay and Wyatt and the hell-kitten, knitted, had a glass of wine and a decent discussion about Fraternity life, and it was really nice. They were probably bored out of their minds by talking to me, but didn't kill them. And after everyone went to bed (they had a 4:15 am departure for Spring Break this morning so bed was around 1- relatively early for them) I decided that I was going to put my finish-4-start-1 rule on hold and start something. And I started something big. And I started something lacey, despite already having a lace shawl on the needles. And casting on felt so right. Pattern is "Print of the Wave Stole" by Eunny Jang, yarn is whatever kettle-dyed laceweight you buy from Knitpicks, needles are 2.75's.
So today, while I really want to make a giant cup of hot tea and curl up with my awesome new lace, I'm going to shower, put on clothes and go shopping for a new sundress for Spring Break (I know that grownups aren't supposed to have Spring Break, but it's all about transition into adulthood here. And I really want to try to get a tan this year) and I'm going to buy a birthday card for my cousin, take myself out to a late lunch with either my totally awesome shawl or my totally awesome book (How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents, Julia Alvarez) and then I'm going to go buy some wood, airplane safe needles for the new shawl. And I might just get rosewood. Because every once in a while, it's nice to have something pretty. And then I will feel better.

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