Saturday, July 3, 2010

Orange you Glad these are done?

So you know the dreaded orange socks that I've been working on, on and off since January? I started them simply because I was tired looking at the yarn in my stash (which was probably the first sign I wasn't going to be thrilled with making them) and have been carrying them in my purse for months and months and months and with the help of last night's Dexter re-run, I have finally finished them. Done. Ends woven in and everything. Naturally, now that they are done and fit perfectly, I don't hate them anymore! I almost wish that we have a freakishly cold day in the near future so that I have an excuse to wear them. They're that awesome. Do you know why they're awesome? Let's call it...sockitude.

* Forgive the cheezyness. My photographer (aka Dad) was almost as happy to see them done as I was)
In other news I have been doing a wee bit of shopping. Since my Lantern Moon hookup is too awesome to not take advantage of, I got a few sets of needles and Baabs, the Sheep. Madeline tried to nurse on her! So sweet! And then the evil side of hell-kitten took over and she tried to kill her. Baabs barely escaped and now lives in the Sheep Sanctuary in my room.
And then the sock yarn...(I know. Like I really needed more sock yarn.) I went to the new Broadripple Knits today for the first time and couldn't help myself when I saw the basket of Mountain Colors sock yarn waiting by the register. This is my new sock yarn friend,Moondance. Isn't she pretty? But I'm going to put her in the stash with all of my old sock yarn friends until I finish 2 more pairs of socks. And that's final. For now.

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Indybee said...

Paige, your knitting is awesome. :) As a fellow knitter, I appreciate your work, especially since I've never made socks! :) I have to admit, though, that I'm here b/c Rob Harrington sent me to your page.... My true motive is to try to recruit you for the camogie (girls' hurling) team here in Indy. :) It's LOADS of fun and we are always looking for new people to join in! And, some of us camogie players are also knitters, so you'd fit right in! :)