Thursday, July 29, 2010

Post-op Paige report

Hi there dear readers! So I have mentioned a couple times on the blog that I have been needing to have another nose surgery to fix last year's nose surgerythat didn't go exactly as planned. So that happened on Tuesday morning. The doctor assured me that this would be a super-easy surgery this time, just going in quickly to grind down some bone and boom! Done!

But it's never that easy, is it? Honestly, it's already been a thousand times easier than last year's surgery even though they did have to re-break my nose (which I'm pretty sure she did with a crowbar- serious ouchies). I have two of the world's worst shiners and did pretty much by the time I got home Tuesday morning. And of course, a most beautiful nose-cast. I'm contemplating putting a Hello-Kitty band-aid on it to make it a little cuter. Or writing OUCH across it in sharpie to add a little humor to the white triangular cast that contrasts so beautifully with the aubergine of my entire face. Anyhoo, I have decided to put away my more difficult projects this time to avoid pain-killer provoked knitting catastrophes. Which could be most of my projects right now.

I've got a magazine thingy that I need to be working on, but I think I'll wait another day or two to dig that out again. These pain meds are like narcolepsy with a ten-second warning and leave me completely unable to focus on anything. Seriously- I've sat through "Meet Joe Black" twice now and still have no idea what is happening in that long strange plot.

So here are my easy projects for the rest of the week:

1. Cross Stitch Sampler. Why I decided to take it's picture 10 minutes in, I'll never know. So far I like it though. It's easy and promises to be quite nice hanging in a kitchen that I probably won't have for quite a while.
2. Mitred Square Blanket. I love this blanket, man.
3. Hooked rug that is beginning to look like a sheep. Hurrah! And thank you times a billion to Laurie who is letting me use her wonderful frame so I can finish this project within the decade. I owe you bigtime.
I need a nap. Have a nice day!

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laurie said...

How goes the nosey? Love your projects...the sheepy rug is great the swirls go round and round. How tight are you hooking? Like your knitting?:)