Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Purple-mania and hot air balloons

As the State Fair entry deadline looms, so does a thick cloud of mohair. After screwing up epically on the green silk lace and throwing it in a dark corner where it can think about what it's done, I decided it was time to bring out the big guns- and by that I mean a shawl that could actually be finished within a reasonable amount of time (like July 25th between noon and 6pm). I began the "Love From Dublin" shawl a little over a year ago in Dublin with some Rowan Kidsilk Haze I had gotten in Scotland a few months before. In all fairness to the Irish, it is a Kieran Foley pattern and therefore it is at least a wee bit Irish. Anyhoo, I've been burning the midnight oil on this one and while I'm not done I can honestly say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it's not the train.Here are a few pictures of "Love From Dublin"...just over 4 feet of nose-itchingly beautiful (I think) mohair lace. And of course, Garden Frog. Even the hot air balloons came out to see the shawl in progress! But I'm pretty sure the butterfly was just there because my shawl looks a little bit like a butterfly bush.
I also finished my good deed o' the week and dropped of D's chemo cap. She acted like she really liked it and said she was so glad that it wasn't pink. Yeah, I can see how you'd get over the pink really fast. I'll have to remember that for my next Breast cancer hat.
So that's really all there is to it! Project monogamy is good for the project but not overly interesting for blogging purposes, but the next post should have a fun baby blanket picture (also for the State Fair. What was I thinking signing up for all this stuff?!) Until then, I leave you with almost-red tomatoes.


laurie said...

Great picture of the hot air balloons, and of course the shaw also!

Valerie Dorr said...

Paige, that shawl is beautiful! I love the color, love the pattern.

I totally can vouch for the "enough with the pink" feeling of your friend - I felt the same way. Seeing so much pink makes you think about the cancer as opposed to thinking about everything right in your life. I used to love pink, and the feeling is starting to return, but there was a time when I wanted a bumper sticker that said "Hate Pink"