Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Answer We've All Been Waiting For!

The mystery crocheted item from a few posts ago is.....
A plastic bag holder! If you have pets (and the poop-duty that goes with it) you understand how important plastic bags can be. They're also some ofthe more hideous things you can have laying around the house. So while this isn't the most beautiful hand-made item in the world, it's one of the more functional ones.

It started with mine that I made a few months ago in efforts to convince myself that nothing bad will happen if I knit my own handspun....
My mother saw it and had to have one of her own, which is the crazy one I just made with some of my first handspun. If you like this handspun, you can find some of it in my etsy shop (over on the side of the blog). I spun the etsy shop yarn a couple years after I spun this particular batch, so it's a much nicer yarn. I just made this so I could stop looking at the yarn in my stash while it taunted me as I worked with everything else in my stashroom.
And while nobody correctly guessed what it was, Laurie did submit two pretty good guesses and has been letting me borrow her rug hooking frame, so I'll be making her one anyway! I'll even try to make it within a reasonable amount of time :p Here's my first ever rug hooking to show off Laurie's awesome frame that I am trying to be done with as quickly as possible- only a little bit more left! I'm also getting pretty close to finishing my Wasabi Citron- hopefully I'll have some finished pictures for the next blog posting. Only half a giant row and a beaded bind-off left! Yay!

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laurie said...

I am jumping with glee, I won, can't believe I didn't guess a bag holder--I can see now the horse couldn't have got their leg in the end:) Oh missy sheepy is looking good, pretty blue eyes and swirly fur.