Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have been on a spin-binge. It started a couple weeks ago with the purchase of a drop spindle (of doom) and some nice fiber from the Trading Post in Pendleton with a specific project in mind. Okay- I want to make a large shawl out of it. I have about 5 picked out and I'll just go with the one with the closest yardage to what I actually get from my almost-pound of fiber. But that's close enough to a plan that it's keeping it interesting. When I need a break I spin a couple ounces of something else that's been in the stash for a while, freeing up some space and having enough to make a hat, not that I would because I have issues knitting with my own handspun. I'm really hoping that this laceweight changes things for me.
I also had the awesome opportunity to take a class from Abby Fraquemont! Yay! The class was also at the Trading Post (it's quickly becoming my new happy place) I had a very weak few moments (I've had a very rough week and somehow convinced myself I needed more fiber, even if it means packing my lunch for the next month) and basking in the afterglow of the class, I got her book and a couple of her famous batts in addition to the freebies that came with the class. I also got another pretty that I have flirted with a few times at the in total I did a little damage, but not that bad. Plus she signed my book and my new spindle.

In other news which I think is pretty darn awesome, I have been published! There is a brand-new magazine called Spool and if you're like me and do all sorts of needlecrafts, then you should totally check it out. Or if you only knit, there's tons of stuff in there for you, too!

Anyhoo, you can buy a single issue or subscribe to the magazine (it's quarterly) at And check out page 10- it makes me look like a real writer!

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