Friday, December 10, 2010


So....this List business. I've decided to make a couple amendments in order to salvage a wee bit of my sanity and make a few bucks on the side. I'm not totally abandoning The List, just updating it. For example, I have a sweater to make by January 4th. I am quite confident that it can be done, but it certainly can't be done WHILE going by the list, so for the sake of cold hard sweater-cash, I'm putting everything else on hold. Almost.

I'm still chugging along on the Christmas Tube. Some of you know what it is, and the rest of you will have to wait until Christmas, since I just found out that the recipient of the tube has been reading this blog. Anyhoo, after SnB last night (thanks Laurie!) and knitting through a movie this evening (when I wasn't biting my nails- Oh snap Harry Potter!) I am quite pleased to say that the Christmas Tube is a little longer- I only have about about 6 more inches before I can start working on the closure part. Luckily it is bulky and is going quite quickly. I bet it would go even faster if I would stop biting my thumb nails and just keep knitting. Christmas is too close to take a day off.
AND.....I have abandoned attempts 1 and 2 at shawl number 10 in hopes that a little bitty Annis from will be easier to finish within a reasonable amount of time. I started on Wednesday night during "Glee" and worked on it for a while last night, and have most of the tricky bit over with. I can totally finish that by New Years Eve. I think. Here it is so far, yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy from stash, I'm not sure what the color is because they don't make it anymore, and the beads are from a giant purchase of the wrong size beads ordered a couple months ago. So far so good!

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