Wednesday, December 29, 2010


While the holidays are a wonderful time filled with gifts, rushed knitting, relatives, Christmas cookies and more football than anyone should ever watch, it gets lonely. When you're single (and not because you want it that way) you feel the pang all year round when you check facebook and five more friends have gotten married or engaged in the past few days, or when you go to the family Christmas party to find yourself as the lastsingle girl. Seriously- my 12 year old cousin was telling me alllllll about her new boyfriend (it is weird to be jealous?). I have developed coping mechanisms over the past few years as people constantly feel the need to remind me that I'm the last single Darling girl... (oh really? I hadn't noticed!) and while none of my methods are that great (recklessly ice skating, compulsive baking of cupcakes and baklava, taking hateful cats to get their picture taken with Santa at Petsmart) there is one coping mechanism that I really need to boot.

You guessed it- OCO. This painful condition is short for "Obsessive Casting On" and can vary in degrees from random-new-hat (mild) to 2-new-sweaters-4-new-scarves-and-12-new-hats-while-thinking-about-3-different-shawls (acute). This holiday season, it's especially bad. I took a picture of approximately one third of my new projects because I'm flat out ashamed of my 12 weak moments that have me stressing out about knitting again. Seriously- I'm stressed out. This sucks.

But let's start with happy things. This is my new shawl and even though it's quite small, I'm calling it my tenth shawl of 2010. I love it and have already worn it a ton. I'm trying to tell my mom that she needs one for V-day because I totally want to make another. Anyhoo, this shawl is called Annis-seed, pattern in Annis from Knitty, I used beads instead of nupps but made no other modifications.
And...a potential pattern! I made this after I saw something similar at Kohls. Yarn is Alpaca With A Twist Surino (brand new!). Stay tuned for more info on this, like whether I'll ever weave in those ends or not. Also keep in mind that the sweater is much too big for the model and the real pattern will come in more sizes than this one...
Weak moments...
And in unrelated news: there is a cheetah in my Christmas tree.

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Kim said...

The stuff on the loom doesn't count. It's a new toy and it's *not* a knitting WIP. You're allowed to have several if they're spread across different crafts. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.