Friday, December 3, 2010


Ask me how I'm feeling- I'm feeling victorious. It's Friday evening, I have a big gray cat passed out in my arms (she really needs some lovins since Lacey went back to Florida) and I finished shawl 9/10 for 2010. I can seriously get this done. I think. I'm currently (very slowly) designing one and if I'm not close by Christmas, I'll cast on an emergency Ishbel to finish or something.

But since typing is bothering Miss Sleepyhead and I'm not able to use my left hand and arm, I'll post pictures and be done with it.

Pattern: Sweet Honeysuckle Wrap
Yarn: Alpaca With A Twist Baby Twist, just shy of 2 jumbo hanks
Overall thoughts on the shawl: Boy I'm glad that's over with. I was not a big fan of that pattern. But here's my pictures...


mon bouton said...

it's gorgeous, but it looks like a lot of work :)

Kim said...

It turned out great!