Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Two Bite The Dust

I don't have to terribly much to report, just a couple finished little projects that were started a little while ago to eliminate some stash and some mostly blocked pictures of the Handspun Hemlock. I'm going to go over the hemlock with a steam iron onemore before it goes to the fair this weekend. I'm also knitting and spinning furiously to finish 2 more, projects-one of which is the never ending doily/tablecloth I started back in March (or was it February- I'd rather not think about it). So here are some FO pictures before we move on to knitting camp...
I got to go teach a knitting camp this weekend in Henryville, Indiana! It was more of a retreat with a couple surprise projects. I got to teach a beaded lace cowl, which was most everyone's first lace, first lace weight yarn, and first beads. There were a few people who had learned to knit within the past month, and I was impressed at how hard they worked and how well they ended up doing with the three new challenges all in one. Nobody finished the project (including me) but here's my half-done picture. (much better picture on Ravelry, project is the Scarlet Starlet)
The second project was a much faster project- knitted Christmas ornaments. We each made two and then "yarn-bombed" the other guests and people working there. To those unfamiliar, that means we just randomly gave non-knitters knitted ornaments. I gave mine to a banker that was there on a company retreat- he was very surprised to get one. He thanked me quite a bit and said that he had never been randomly gifted something before- was he supposed to give me something back? Here's pictures of the finished ornaments and what they looked like before we started. We used sock yarn scraps and there will be more of the these in the future. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year! :p
I'm off to spin, knit, and help Bam Bam study for his psychology exam all night. The fair is coming up much faster than I would like it to.


Bonnie said...

I love those ornaments! Is the pattern on Ravelry?

Paige Darling said...

I'm sure it is- It's just a super simple YO,K2tog across, knit 1 row even over 36 stitches, repeat for 2.5". Super fast and quite easy, took less than an hour per ornament.