Monday, July 11, 2011

Handspun Hemlock: Day 2

So this plan may backfire, but I'm putting it out there anyway. I'm going to *try* to post a picture of the handspun Hemlock every day until it's done. I did a little cross-stitching over TNNA and posted a picture of it every day on facebook to see how it progressed. I was able to see a difference every single day which helped me keep chugging along and even better- I got some really great encouragement and comments. I felt like I couldn't let people down- I had to do just one more row before I went to bed.

I know that it's silly to think that people were checking back to see the daily progress, but it totally made me work faster. And so I'm going to be posting a daily picture of my handspun hemlock with a few comments, if only to convince myself that I'm making progress. So this may be a boring week or so of posting, but I'm doing what it takes to get this thing to the State Fair. Extra points if I have time to block it.
Handspun Hemlock, Day 2:

Knitted furiously through True Blood. My dad wanted a ride to the airport this morning, and I agreed provided that he drove while I knitted. Knitted for a good 8 minutes at lunch today, and switched to a bigger needle when I got home. Hemlock is now to the point that it's starting to look more like a doily and less like a sunburnt boob.

Very excited to see how big it gets. The Brooklyn Tweed version calls for 600-900 yards heavy worsted on size 10 needles for a throw. I have roughly (maybe? hopefully?) 600 yards heavy fingering,worked on size 5 needles. I know I'm not going to get an afghan out of it, but I'm curious to see just how far that handspun llama can go. Doily? Tablecloth? Shawl? Only time and more knitting will tell.


Jaclyn Bailey said...

Well I will check back everyday to see how your Hemlock is doing.... so there you go!

Kim said...

I can attest that you've made huge amounts of progress since Sunday.